In some instances instructors may wish to conduct research projects using students from one or more of their classes as participants. While this is possible, it requires careful management and full disclosure by the instructor. The major concern is that students do not feel unduly coerced into participating in the activity for fear of retribution or other measures within the context of their course activities. 

The REB, in its review of a protocol involving class students as research subjects, will expect the applicant to clearly address the following issues:

  • Full disclosure to the students about the purpose of the activity
  • Guarantee of anonymity for students
  • Options for students who choose not to participate
  • The use of a student or other individual who can distribute and/or collect paper, electronic, or other research materials so that the instructor does not see or know who is or is not participating
  • Appropriate consent forms or processes, if required
  • Appropriate debriefing materials, if required