What resources are available to first generation students at Mount Allison?  

Academic Support offers a number of workshops, tutorials, and meetings specifically for first-generation students at Mount Allison. Academic Support also operates a free Writing Resource Centre, the Student Success Course, free tutoring support in challenging first-year courses, and Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) to help you with any academic challenges you might experience. Additionally, the Mathematics department runs a Math Resource Centre, and all first year students will be encouraged to attend START study skills tutorials at the beginning of the Fall term. Many resources at Mount Allison, from full-time counsellors, to exercise classes, to various library services, are offered free of charge.

I've heard textbooks are expensive, are there cheaper options available?  

Textbooks can get expensive! The Mount Allison bookstore sells new and used copies of every textbook you'll need, so purchase a used one if you're looking to save some money. Check Amazon and retailers for sales or to buy used copies of books. You can join the Textbooks MtA Facebook group to buy used copies from other students as well. Some professors may put a copy of the textbook on course reserve at the library where it can be loaned out for four hours at a time. For more savings, try to sell back your books at the end of each semester, either to other students or the university bookstore's buy-back.

I'm really nervous about Orientation Week and meeting new people. What kind of activities are offered?  

There are a wide variety of activities available during O Week to help you make new friends and feel comfortable. In the past there have been cross-campus scavenger hunts, fitness classes, craft nights, glow-in-the-dark parties, a karaoke BBQ, library tours, and mini lectures with professors from different disciplines. This year's O Week leaders will keep you updated on this year's Orientation via mail and email.

Where can I study on campus?  

There are a lot of spaces to study on campus! The library is one of the most popular places on campus for studying, equipped with computers, access to hundreds of online journals, and multiple floors. Academic buildings are also open into the evening and you can pick any open classroom. Many people study in their residence room or a residence lounge, or at home if living off-campus.

What happens if my student loans don't come in on time?  

Total tuition, residence, and fee payments are due at the end of September and January, respectively. If your student loan comes in late, let the Registrar's Office know so you aren't charged. You can also visit Financial Aid to see about a short-term loan for textbooks and other necessities until your student loans come in.

I'm living in residence but I have dietary restrictions. Can the dining hall accommodate for this?  

Absolutely! There are vegetarian and vegan options available at every meal, and you can alert the dining hall staff of any gluten intolerances or severe allergies.

How does the MASU insurance plan work? What if I'm already insured through my parents?  

All students who attend Mount Allison are automatically members of the Mount Allison Student's Union. The MASU offers a health & dental plan for an annual fee that is automatically subtracted from your student account. If one of your parents has adequate insurance that will cover you, you'll need proof of insurance to opt-out and get your money back!

Who are residence staff and how can they help me?  

Every residence has a number of staff available to help you. First, there's a Don. A Don is an adult who lives in a suite in the residence and heads up each house. They coordinate the student residence staff members and make sure everything and everyone in residence is safe and comfortable. There are also RAs (Residence Assistants), trained students who will guide you through your social and personal transition to university. Academic Mentors provide peer academic support to all students in residence.

What services are available at the library?  

There are so many services available at the library! The MtA library subscribes to hundreds of online journals and research databases that can be accessed by all students. It has a collection of thousands of books. Research librarians are available to help students with their research. They also have an online Chat with a Librarian feature to help out students in a pinch! The library is where you'll find the Writing Resource Centre. Check out the library website!

What resources are available at Mount Allison to stay healthy & active?  

As part of your annual student fees, you are given a full gym membership! There are two gyms at Mount Allison, a pool, a dance studio for dance and exercise classes, a basketball court, and athletic fields. There are also wonderful walking trails throughout Sackville, and you can even borrow a bike through the Mount Allison Bike Co-op. If you're living in residence, the dining hall also employs a dietician you can consult.

How can I get an on-campus job?  

There are quite a few on-campus jobs available at MtA; check with the Career Services Coordinator at careers@mta.ca for a list of available student positions on campus. Some are reserved for upper year students, such as being a tour guide or a teaching assistant. One of the biggest employers of first-year students on campus is Jennings Dining Hall, where they hire students to check ID cards at the entrance to the hall. You can also apply to work for jobs in Sackville at a number of stores, restaurants, and cafes.

I feel very confused about accessing financial aid at Mount Allison. Is there anyone I can talk to?  

Mount Allison employs a full-time Financial Aid Counsellor who you can email at financialaid@mta.ca and make an appointment with at any time!

I'm concerned about keeping my mental health on track throughout university. What resources are available?  

There are a variety of mental health resources available at Mount Allison, please refer to the Wellness Centre for more information!

I'm moving to Sackville but I can't afford or don't want to live in residence. What are my other housing options?  

There are many available apartments and houses to rent in Sackville. Check out Kijiji for rental ads, as well as the MASU Housing Directory where you can browse available units based on number of bedrooms, price, and distance from campus.