Welcome to Mount Allison Support for First Generation Students! 

Students in a lectureWe are here to provide necessary support, services, and workshops to first-generation and low-income students. A first generation student is simply a student whose parents didn't have the opportunity to attend university. While this comes with its own challenges, we are here to help ease your transition to university.

What We Do

We offer a series of workshops throughout each semester on topics designed to help guide first-generation students through their university experiences. Past workshops have included time management, navigating university resources, maintaining your mental health, budgeting and financial aid, and how to understand assignment guidelines. We also offer help sessions around midterm season for specific courses. We are your go-to people to access any services or answer any questions you might have!

This website was also designed to ease your transition into university as a first-generation student. Check out what you can learn below:

Who We Are

Hi, I'm Shelly, Manager of Academic Support. I was a first generation student when I began university, and am delighted to offer services to help ease the transition to university for other first-year students. I run a number of academic support programs and services at Mount Allison, including the Writing Resource Centre, the PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions), the Peer Tutor program, and the Student Success Course. If you have any questions or concerns that you'd like to share, you can email me at any time, and I'd be happy to talk with you: academicsupport@mta.ca.


Jill MacIntyre and Dr. Shelly Colette