Welcome to P.A.S.S: Peer Assisted Study Sessions

PASS is a study program that is fun, interactive, and best of all, is shown to help students improve their work in their courses. Based on a model of Supplemental Instruction, PASS  helps students develop study and academic skills while working through their course content with a trained student leader.

PASS is regularly offered in challenging first year courses, such as:

  • COMP 1631: Introduction to Computer Science
  • ECON 1001: Introduction to Microeconomics
  • ECON 1011: Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • PSYC 1001: Introduction to Psychology I
  • MATH 1111: Calculus I

PASS offerings vary from year to year, and may be offered in new or different courses, so be sure to check your course Moodle pages for dates/times. PASS student leaders will coordinate two study sessions each week, to make it easier to fit your schedule. 


Academic Support regularly hires new PASS leaders, so if you love PASS and want to find out about being a PASS leader, contact Shelly at academicsupport@mta.ca.

Additional Information:
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