Peer Tutor Program
The Peer Tutor Program recruits exceptional students from all disciplines, to tutor fellow students in course content. Peer tutors have:


  • a minimum GPA of 3.0 
  • a B+ or higher in the courses they're tutoring 
  • only tutor in courses that form part of their major or minor
If this is you, and you want to become a peer tutor, simply email Shelly at, and tell her which courses you would like to tutor in.


How to Get a Peer Tutor
Available peer tutors are listed on Moodle. Simply log into Moodle > Academic Support > Peer Tutor List. If you do not see a tutor listed for your course, contact Shelly at

Students meeting to go over class work
Locations to Meet Your Tutor
Sometimes finding a quiet space on campus can be tricky. Here are a few suggestions for where you and your tutor can meet. 

  • The Living Room - in the Academic Support Help Hub, Library M16
  • 3rd Floor of the Wallace McCain Student Centre 
  • Group study rooms on the ground and second floors of the Ralph Pickard Bell Library
  • Gracie's
  • The Pond (during off-hours) 
  • Empty classrooms 
  • Flying Bean Cafe
  • Lounge in Avard Dixon
  • Residence lounges

Resources for Tutors
We have resources and information for tutors, including an online peer tutor training manual.