Interviews are your chance to shine & show a future employer just how you'll fit in their organization.

Prepare, prepare, prepare!  

The single most important thing to do for an interview is prepare. There are lots of things to think about. Here are a few top tips:

  •  Research the organization and make sure you understand their products, clients, beliefs and mandate - and how you'll fit in with them.  
  •  Dress appropriately. Hint: always dress one step better than the typical work environment for that industry. Business casual at the office? For an interview you should dress more formally with a suit, skirt, heels, etc.  
  •  Make sure you know where you're going! Have the address mapped out, know the office/room number, and plan to be there 10 minutes early. Plan for potential traffic disasters.  
  •  Come prepared with questions for the interviewers. Ask them about the organization, upcoming projects, ask what THEY like about working for the company, engage the interviewers to make a great impression.  
  •  Smile often and show your enthusiasm. It's perfectly normal to be nervous, but you can make up for the jitters by being personable.  


  •  Be late 
  •  Ask about compensation 
  •  Appear unprepared  

We regularly hold workshops on interview preparation. Here is the powerpoint presentation from one of our events:  Interview Preparation Presentation 2013  

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