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Holly Wry intervies

We'll help you find a funding source so you can make your experiential learning project happen.

Funding is available for students, faculty, employers, and community partners.

Student funding

Funding for various kinds of experiential learning

Internships paid as a grant

  • Mansbridge Internship. Open to third-year students from any discipline. $10,000 to work in a domestic or international organization.
  • L.R. Wilson Internships in PPE. Open to any third-year students in the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics program. $10,000 to work in an organization with a public policy or public service focus.
  • Reisman Internship Program. Open to any returning student. $10,000 to design or $15,000 to launch an entrepreneurial venture, either a for-profit business or a social initiative.
  • ECHO Foundation Internship in Environmental Leadership and Advocacy. Open to third-year students in any discipline. $10,000 to work in a domestic or international organization on an environmental or advocacy initiative.

Travel grants

Employer funding

Faculty funding

Curricular experiential learning grant

Need help identifying the best funding source for your project? Contact us at or drop by our office in the McCain Student Centre.