Where in the world would you like to work?

Myfanwy Jensen-FellowsEach year, our generous donors open up a world of possibility for summer work experiences.

We offer a variety of internship awards, some of which enable you to work abroad. Funding takes care of your travel and living expenses while you contribute to an organization of your choice.

While award criteria vary, all award applications require you to identify a sponsoring organization where you’d like to work and to submit a detailed proposal.

Just imagine where a design-your-own internship could take you! Check out the awards available this year and some of the places they’ve taken other Mount A students in recent years.


The ECHO Foundation Internship in Environmental Leadership and Advocacy
Open to third-year students in any discipline. $10,000 for a student to work in a domestic or international organization of the student's choosing on an environmental or advocacy initiative. 2018 is the first year it is being offered at MtA!

The Mansbridge Internship
Open to third-year students from any discipline. $10,000 for a student to work in an international organization. Previous award holders have worked with Medics to Africa, stem cell researchers at Stanford University, environmental researchers in Greenland, and a women’s foundation in Nepal.
L.R. Wilson Internships in PPE
Open to third-year students in the PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics) program. $10,000 for a student to work in an organization with a public policy or public service focus. Previous award holders have worked for Environment and Climate Change Canada, a Green Party MLA, and Inter Pares, an NGO.

J. Armand Bombardier International Travel Grants
Open to first, second, and third-year students. $5,000 in funding supports travel to a developing country to complete an internship in a not-for-profit organization.
Cedrick Ritchie Global Engagement Award
Open to third-year students. $5,000 for a student to pursue travel in the student’s field of study.

 2017 Wilson Interns

In 2017, these students designed their own Mount Allison internships.

From left to right:


Tierra Stokes worked for Food Secure Canada in Montreal

Grant Benjamin worked for Laterite (a consulting firm) in Rwanda

Diane Ortiz-Macleod worked for Social Development New Brunswick in Fredericton