Internships make a dramatic difference, for you and our students

 Case Studies


Mount Allison internships are structured to provide maximum value for you as an employer and an exceptional learning experience for students. Hiring an intern is a “win-win” situation for everyone involved:

Wins for the employer 

  • A well-qualified, enthusiastic resource to help you achieve goals you wouldn't otherwise be able to tackle
  • A fresh perspective at the meeting table
  • Access to a pipeline of talented graduating students
  • Satisfaction of helping a future professional build skills and confidence
  • Feedback on your organization from someone who’s on the inside but not completely  an insider

Wins for the student

  • Exposure to a career and employer the student may want to pursue after graduation
  • Opportunity to develop real-world skills and knowledge
  • Chance to network with “real”  professionals
  • Challenge of coping with realistic work issues (e.g., working independently, interacting with different personalities, and staying motivated)
  • Candid feedback on performance and advice about professional development.

To explore the benefits a Mount Allison internship could bring your organization, contact the Office of Experiential Learning and Career Development, 506-364-2226 or email