Crafting a student-oriented job posting

To create a job posting that appeals to Mount Allison students, follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Give some background on your organization, including its mission and purpose. Try to convey a sense of your work culture too.
  • Use language that’s positive and energetic (like the students you want to attract).
  • Specify what the student will get from the internship. Students are seeking opportunities that allow them to develop practical skills, experience a professional environment, and apply what they’ve learned in their courses.
  • Be clear about the kind of tasks the job includes. If some clerical work is required, for instance, be sure to state that so that students aren’t expecting to be engaged in only high-level tasks.
  • Avoid business and industry jargon. Students just entering your professional field may not be familiar with acronyms and specialized terms more seasoned professionals would know.
  • Include all the details. Anticipate questions students may have about hours of work and compensation.


Sample job posting

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Sales and Marketing Intern
NuVita Nutraceuticals, Toronto

Are you a self-starter who’s passionate about health and wellness?

NuVita Nutraceuticals is seeking a summer intern to join our Sales and Marketing department and help us develop a sales campaign for a new product line.

Who we are
NuVita Nutraceuticals is a fast-growing manufacturer of organic health supplements. Founded in 2012, we now distribute our product across the Canada and operate six retail outlets (in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa).

We pride ourselves on providing Canadians with high-quality, affordable supplements. We’re equally proud of our company values, which include accountability, creativity, and customer-centredness.

What you’ll learn
As the Sales and Marketing intern, your opportunities for learning will include:

  • Exposure to staff meetings, client meetings, and an industry trade show
  • Training in how to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
  • Practice doing customer surveys and other kinds of market research
  • Participation in the development of a Strategic Product Launch Plan


  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative marketing research
  • Present research findings using Word and PowerPoint
  • Interact with clients and potential clients through e-mail, via phone, and in person
  • Collaborate with colleagues to create a Strategic Product Launch Plan


  • Excellent communication skills, especially writing
  • At least one market research course beyond the first-year level
  • High degree of self-motivation
  • Ability to work alone with little direction

Work hours and compensation

  • 35 hours a week (flexible schedule so long as you’re in the office between 10 and 3 each weekday)
  • Summer pass to company gym
  • $15.00 $18.00/hour, depending on experience

To explore the benefits a Mount Allison internship could bring your organization, contact Dr. Sandy MacIver, Director of the Ron Joyce Centre for Business Studies: or 506-364-2202.