The MtA Internship Success Framework

We tell students that internships offer “more than an ordinary summer job.” So we count on our employer-partners to provide opportunities for meaningful, challenging work in a learning-oriented environment.

How do you do that? Integrate your intern fully into your work culture and make sure the internship role includes four essential elements: meaningful work, meetings, feedback, and a legacy side project.

 Success Framework
Designing your internship position to meet these four success factors ensures that the internship will deliver a high-value experience—for the student and for you. And it ensures that the position will meet Mount Allison’s commitment to students: to provide an exceptional on-the-job learning experience.

If you have a plan for creating an exceptional learning experience but aren’t sure it includes all the elements of the MtA Internship Success Framework, please get in touch. In rare situations, we’ve been able to partner with an employer to design an internship role slightly outside our standard model.

To explore the benefits a Mount Allison internship could bring your organization, contact Dr. Sandy MacIver, Director of the Ron Joyce Centre for Business Studies: or 506-364-2202.