Summer Internship Program 

A full time summer internship is an excellent way to take what you learn in your academic studies & apply it in a work environment. We are excited to present a variety of summer internships available to students from ALL disciplines and academic years. Some employers may have a preference as to educational background, others are looking for the best student, willing to learn and excited to take on new challenges this summer. You must be a full-time, returning student to qualify. Note that Summer 2020 internships are now closed. The next round of Summer Internships will be posted in January, 2021. Questions? Email


 Internships in organizations 

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*Note that Summer 2020 internships are now closed.

 Create your own internship
These internships were designed through the generosity of our partners to support our students to feel creative and empowered throughout their learning.

 Create your own internship in New Brunswick
Future Ready NB funding is designed to support experiential education for all students in NB. Wage subsidies and project funding available.

 International Internship & Travel Grants
Administered through the International Centre, there is the Mansbridge Internship to support work in a developing country (valued at $10,000), and other travel grants so you can take on the summer project you dream of in another country. 

 ECHO Foundation internship
Third year students with a passion for the environment, sustainable practices and the desire to make a difference are encouraged to check out this unique leadership experience valued at $10,000.

 L.R. Wilson Internship
Intended to give student in Philosophy, Politics and Economics an experiential learning opportunity in policy development

 Reisman Internship Program
Be your own boss this summer. You will get funding and coaching support so you can experience what it's like to create your dream job. Apply for an internship on your own or with a team of students.

 Bradbrooke Smith Internship in Canadian Studies
This award valued at $10,000 is for a second- or third-year Canadian Studies student to work or research with a domestic or international organization of the student's choosing.  

 Democracy, Civil Liberties & Human Rights
Open to students from any program who are interested in democratic rights, conflict resolution, human rights, public health, mental heard and/or international development. Valued at $10,000.

 Bourne Internship in the Arts  
Open to all students who want to work in the Arts over the summer. Students can apply for funding for an internship, or to subsidize travel or other expenses for a summer opportunity working in museums, galleries, symphonies, theatres, or festivals. There is $25,000 available to support 3-5 student projects or internships or travel.


Program expectations 

 Summer Interns participate in a structured learning process to help get the most from their experience, including:

  • Pre-placement orientation session
  • Written reflections
  • Setting learning outcomes and helping you to develop skills on the job that you can use in your future career
  • Assessment by the employer

Independent Student Research Grants

Independent student research grants are administered through the Research Services Office.


J.E.A Crake Summer Fellowships
The J.E.A. Crake Foundation Inc. is a private charitable foundation which has as a primary goal the provision of support for those engaged in study, teaching and scholarship in the Humanities particularly, but not exclusively, at Mount Allison University.
J.E.A Crake Student Summer Fellowships for Creative and/or Research Projects