Summer Internship Program 

More than a summer job – a learning experience to help you grow professionally and personally. Intended for students who are returning to Mount Allison in the Fall.

There are two types of internships:

Internships in organizations

We are very excited to announce that we currently place students with the following partner organizations:

Create your own internship
These internships were designed through the generosity of our partners to support our students to feel creative and empowered throughout their learning.

Create your own internship in New Brunswick
Future Ready NB funding is designed to support experiential education for all students in NB. Wage subsidies, project funding and support for travel and relocation available.

 * NOTE for internships supported by Future Ready NB: With this generous funding we have been given, we aim to provide at least one internship opportunity (academic-year OR summer) per student in order to give everyone the chance to have a meaningful, paid learning opportunity. As such, there is a limit to how much funding each student can access. If you have already completed a summer internship, and are interested in an academic-year internship, please contact us to discuss this before applying.

International Internship & Travel Grants
Administered through the International Centre, there is the Mansbridge Internship to support work in a developing country (valued at $10,000), and other travel grants so you can take on the summer project you dream of in another country. 

ECHO Foundation internship
Third year students with a passion for the environment, sustainable practices and the desire to make a difference are encouraged to check out this unique leadership experience valued at $10,000.

L.R. Wilson Internship  

Intended to give student in Philosophy, Politics and Economics an experiential learning opportunity in policy development

Reisman Internship Program  

Be your own boss this summer. You will get funding and coaching support so you can experience what it's like to create your dream job. Apply for an internship on your own or with a team of students.

Bradbrooke Smith Internship in Canadian Studies

This award valued at $10,000 is for a second- or third-year Canadian Studies student to work or research with a domestic or international organization of the student's choosing.


Program expectations 

 Summer Interns participate in a structured learning process to help get the most from their experience, including:

  • Pre-placement orientation session
  • Written reflections
  • Setting learning outcomes and helping you to develop skills on the job that you can use in your future career
  • Assessment by the employer

Independent Student Research Grants

Independent student research grants are administered through the Research Services Office.


J.E.A Crake Summer Fellowships
The J.E.A. Crake Foundation Inc. is a private charitable foundation which has as a primary goal the provision of support for those engaged in study, teaching and scholarship in the Humanities particularly, but not exclusively, at Mount Allison University.
J.E.A Crake Student Summer Fellowships for Creative and/or Research Projects
Email us at with any questions!