Your Summer as a Reisman Intern:

 Regular coaching sessions and progress reports will help you keep your focus and momentum:

  • In March, successful applicants will meet for a program orientation. You'll explore the personal strengths you can leverage as an entrepreneur and hear from an experienced entrepreneur about the rewards and challenges of being your own boss. This will also be a great opportunity for you to connect with the other interns in the program.
  • In late April, you'll meet with your coach to identify some broad goals for the summer. Your coach will also help you connect with a mentor who's experienced in your industry or social cause.
  • In the first week of May, you'll officially start your internship and begin working toward your internship goals.
  • Every two weeks during the summer, you'll meet with your coach from ELCD and then submit a short progress report. Coaching sessions can take place in person or via web conferencing. These check-ins will help you keep on track with your goals, which you'll probably revise as the summer unfolds, and reflect on your entrepreneurship experience.
  • Partway through the summer, you'll attend the Reisman Roundup, a gathering of current and previous Reisman interns. This will give you a chance to share your entrepreneurship adventure with a group of like-minded students and get some fresh perspectives on an issue you're trying to solve.
  • In late August, you'll submit a brief written report (about five pages) analyzing your entrepreneurship experience and reflecting on it. You'll also deliver a 10-minute oral presentation to the Reisman selection committee.