All non-emergency primary health care services are available for Mount Allison students during the academic year from September to mid-April.

Available services

Health services provides confidential assessments and referral services to students based on nursing assessments as well as the following services:

  • General health assessments, testing, treatments, and follow-ups
  • Sexual health testing and treatments
  • First aid and follow-ups
  • Immunization/vaccine advice
  • Health education and counselling
  • Health and wellness promotion programs
  • Physician services
  • Health prevention clinics including influenza season and well women clinics (pap smear and breast exam)
  • Dietitian service referrals by contacting Stuart MacDonald at (506) 364-2421 or  
  • Additional health & wellness services
    • Massage therapy    
    • Acupuncture therapy 
    • Lite book therapy
  • Referrals to specialists
  • Prescriptions 

Non-insured (aid) services
Please be aware of fees for health services not covered by provincial health plans and/or health insurance.  

This means you must pay for the following services provided by the campus doctor: 

  • Physician office visit without insurance or provincial health plan...........$45
  • Physical and/or medical forms by physician....$50

Travel services  

  • Travel consultation with physician................$50
  • Travel immunization by physician (if travel consultation has been provided elsewhere).....$20
  • Travel prescription by physician.....$20