Guardian drug store: 506-536-2255
106 Main Street, Sackville, NB

Jean Coutu pharmacy: 506-536-0230
93 Main Street, Sackville, NB

Pharmacists are allied health care professionals who can assess and prescribe for some minor ailments. These professionals are available after hours and on weekends. Consultations with pharmacists are free, however not all assessments will result in a prescription.

Minor ailments that can be assessed and treated at the pharmacy include: allergic rhinitis, calluses and corns, dandruff, dysmenorrhea, dyspepsia, emergency contraception, fungal infections of the skin, gastro-esophageal reflux disease, hemorrhoids, herpes simplex, impetigo, mild acne, mild headache, mild to modern eczema, mild urticarial (including bites and stings), minor joint pain, minor sleep disorders, nausea, nicotine dependence, non-infectious diarrhea, oral fungal infection (thrush), oral ulcers, threadworms and pinworms, upper respiratory tract conditions (cough, nasal congestion/discharge, sore throat, fever, malaise), uncomplicated urinary tract infection, vaginal candidiasis, warts (excluding facial and genital), and xerophthalmia (dry eyes).

Dentists in Sackville

Dr. Thomas Priemer: 506-536-2788
41 Bridge St., Sackville, NB

Dr. Lary F. Trites: 506- 536-3800
6 Allison Ave., Sackville, NB


Doctor and Nurse Practitioner accepting new student patients in Sackville

Dr. Cory Long and Angela Tower, Nurse Practitioner: 364-4734
112 Main St., Ste. B, Sackville, NB

Physiotherapists in Sackville

Soper Physiotherapy: 506-536-8081
23 York St., Sackville, NB

Physiotherapists at the Sackville Memorial Hospital: by referral from a physician

Optometrist in Sackville

Dr. Guylaine Foulem: 506-364-0020
Tantramar Health Centre
2 Main St., Sackville, NB
Open: Monday - Friday

Massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, reflexology

Dawne Boorne, registered massage therapist
43 C Main St.
(506) 962-3306

Sackville Wellness & Chiropractic Centre:
Dr. Meghan Barrett, chiropractic
 131 Main St.

Fawcett Professional Centre
Sackville, NB E4L 4B2
(506) 536-0051

Reflexology Clinic
Susan Smith
14 Trillium Drive Sackville, NB
(506) 563-4940 (please leave a message if calling during the day)


Terry Jones, Ravenstone Naturopathic Mind, Body & Spirit Healing

47 Main St., Sackville, NB 


Online booking available though


Sexual Health Centre


Travel health — vaccine clinics

Travel Clinic Atlantic(Riverview) (506) 386-8747

Canadian Blood Donor Clinics

For information on dates for the next blood donor clinic in your area, phone: 1-888-236-6283

Registered dietitian

Dietitian on campus available by contacting Stuart MacDonald at (506) 364-2420 or

Dietitian at Sackville Memorial Hospital by referral from Physician 

Darlene Teahen, naturopathic consultant & registered holistic nutritionist
2 Main Street (Tantramar Health Centre next to the hospital), Sackville, NB   506-850-4584 email:

Argus Hearing Clinics
Call toll free: 1.800.535.1000