Missed coursework or tests due to sickness
If students miss any kind of course work or test or are unable to meet deadlines for assigned work due to medical or personal circumstances beyond their control, they are urged to notify their instructor(s) as soon as they are aware that the illness or problem will affect their attendance and/or academic performance. Together, student and instructor should work to find appropriate and reasonable accommodation(s).

Please refer to the academic calendar regarding missed coursework or test due to sickness link: http://www.mta.ca/academic_calendar/_10.html#_10.7 

Final exam accommodation due to sickness
Exam accommodation may be requested under certain exceptional circumstances by students who are unable to write a final exam as scheduled. Through this application, your request will be assessed to determine if exam accommodation is warranted. http://www.mta.ca/academic_calendar/_10.html#_10.8.4

Please refer to registrar’s office forms page for a link to the exam accommodation form.