To ensure the safety of students and staff due to COVID-19, all wellness services are currently being offered remotely via Zoom and phone. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please e-mail or call 364-2163 with your request.

New: Student Wellness Guide for Identifying and Responding to Student Distress

Student Wellness Guide cover imageThis guide outlines mental health and wellness resources that you can access at Mount Allison and off campus.

It also provides useful techniques to help you advocate for yourself and to support your own self care.

The Student Wellness Guide is not a substitute for professional advice or treatment.

If you feel you may need medical advice, please consult a qualified healthcare professional.


Mount Allison University dedicates itself to the creation of a mentally healthy campus where all students are supported and encouraged to reach academic success and personal wellness.

Services, supports, and initiatives are continually added and supported to meet the needs of students with mental health issues/illnesses.

Supporting mental health does not only happen by providing clinical services such as counselling, therapy, and support groups — it is promoting overall student well-being in a supportive, creative, and innovative fashion.

This includes:

  • increasing the mental health literacy of faculty and staff
  • working with students with mental disorders/issues
  • promoting help-seeking behavior among students
  • decreasing the stigma that still surrounds mental disorders

Mental health initiatives at Mount Allison are part of an overall framework with the following components: