Imminent suicide ideation/suicide activity

Regardless of the circumstances or content, ANY reference to wanting to die/suicide should be taken seriously and a mental health professional should be contacted. Please inform Counselling Services ( whenever possible after a suicide intervention has taken place.

If you believe there is ANY risk for suicide present, ASK about it (e.g., "Have you been thinking about suicide?")

If a student has already engaged in suicide activity (e.g. taken more than a regular dosage of pills), contact:

  • Emergency — 911

If a student is thinking about suicide and planning to carry it out soon, contact:

  • Mobile Mental Health — 1-866-771-7760 (2 p.m.-10 p.m. daily)
  • Emergency — 911 (to get student to hospital safely without risking harm to yourself)

If a student thinks about suicide and/or death but does NOT plan to carry it out, refer to:

  • Resource list
  • CHIMO Helpline — 1-800-667-5005
  • Counselling Services —

Threats or disruptive behaviour

Immediately report any of the following by calling 911 and Security — 364-2228:

  • Any type of physical violence causing bodily harm (self or other)
  • Specific threats of violence or harm

Behaviours of concern

Student is:

  • Incoherent or unintelligible=
  • Experiencing paranoia, hallucinations, or delusions


  • CHIMO Helpline — 1-800-667-5005
  • Mobile Mental Health — 1-866-771-7760 (2 p.m.-10 p.m. daily)
  • Telehealth — 811
  • Sackville Memorial Hospital — 364-4100 — 8 Main St.

Drug and alcohol abuse or misuse

Immediately report any of the following by calling 911:

  • Potential drug overdose
  • Potential alcohol poisoning

If a student appears to have a pattern of substance abuse, try to refer them to counselling when they arr sober.

Community resources

  • Addiction services — Moncton, 856-2333; Amherst, 902-667-7094
  • Alcoholics Anonymous — 382-5087
  • Narcotics Anonymous — 1-888-436-2929