Meighen Centre Frequently Asked Questions  


1. How do I request accommodations for the current semester?  


You won't know what accommodations you need until you have attended the first day of all your classes and received your syllabus/course outline. Once you know what accommodations you will need, you may submit your requests through Accommodate.  


Please do not request accommodations that you won't need or do not apply to self-directed learning courses.   If you need accommodations, you will need to log into the Accommodate software ( ) and submit a Semester Request. Please watch the tutorial video found here:  


2. How do I book accommodations for my test dates?  


Important! Requests for test accommodations must be made 7 days in advance of your test date.  Requests received later than this may not be processed in time for you to receive your accommodations.


Please do not book test dates unless you need accommodations for the test.   Once your semester request has been processed by the Meighen Centre you will be able to log into Accommodate ( ) and book your test dates. Please watch the tutorial video found here:  


3. How do I access text-to-speech software for an online exam?  


Please see our Kurzweil Read-the-Web tutorial here:  


4. How do I request notetakers and tutors?  


Requests for tutors need to make directly to our Peer Tutor Coordinator, Susan Waye ( )


5. How do I request an appointment to meet with a Meighen Centre staff member?  


Please see our Accommodate appointments tutorial here:  


6. How do I access Microsoft Teams?  


Please see our MS Teams guide here: