Academic accommodations may be provided to a student when a disability creates a functional limitation or limitations in their academic pursuits. In order to receive accommodations, students are required to meet with The Meighen Centre, request accommodations, and provide documentation to support the request. Accommodations are only provided if they are considered reasonable. An accommodation other than that requested may be provided if it is considered the most appropriate and reasonable.

Although unique to each student, some typical accommodations include: 

  • Note-taking servicesFountain in park
  • Tutors
  • Distraction free rooms for exam and test writing
  • Extra time to write tests and exams
  • Scribes
  • Non-networked computer use for test or exam writing
  • Allowance for recording of lectures
  • Assistive technologies in the classroom
    (tape recorders, FM transmitters, large print handouts etc.)     
  • Assistive technologies outside of the classroom
    (electronic textbooks, text readers, speech to text software etc.)
  • Reduced course loads