The Meighen Centre's Peer Mentor Program is designed to help first-year students with their transition into post-secondary education


Students registering for this program are paired with a mentor. Mentors are experienced students registered with the Meighen Centre. Generally the pair meets once a week to discuss such things as organization, academics, social life, or any other topic that can help to foster success at university. The pair might meet for coffee and talk about a book or recent news. They might work on an academic schedule. They might play a game of chess or cards. Depending on individual needs, the topics and activities will vary.

The goal is to encourage both academic and social success for the student while also benefiting the entire Mount Allison community. Faculty, staff, and the entire student population gain from the success and achievements of students that have the ability to prosper with appropriate guidance and support.  

Peer Mentors report to the Peer Mentor Co-ordinator who is supervised by Meighen Centre staff. Mentors are required to keep information confidential and have an understanding of boundaries that are to be kept.

If you are interested in learning more about the program, contact Matt Maston, Disability Services Advisor, at