How do I register with The Meighen Centre?

You are encouraged to contact the Centre as soon as you have decided to attend Mount A.

Required supports are unique to each student. For this reason, when contacting the Centre, disability/medical documentation should be available, as well as any other information on previous accommodations provided at secondary school or any other post-secondary institution.

We highly recommend that contact is made early as more documentation may be required and some supports take time to implement. Some students may be eligible for grants. In order to apply for these a student must have applied for a provincial student loan. These should also be applied for early. For more information please contact the Meighen Centre staff.

Once on campus, a student must meet with Meighen Centre staff to complete the registration process. Students are permitted to be accompanied by a parent, guardian, family member, or anyone else they may want to join. Students should bring any updated documentation.

Documentation is kept on file with the Centre and kept confidential as per University guidelines.

What if I never used services and accommodation in high school?

Keep in mind that the demands of university are much higher than high school. Some of the help you may have received in high school from teachers may not be feasible in university. Visit the Centre, get registered, and stay in touch as the semester begins to monitor what you may need to help you succeed.

How do I ease the transition to university?

We highly recommend that you visit the Centre, talk to current students as well as professors and discuss your needs with our staff.

How do I access services and accommodations?  

Contact our staff who will be more than pleased to discuss our services, accommodations and how to access them.

What if I am already a student at Mount A?
You should contact a staff member and provide any medical documentation that you have.

What if I think I have a learning disability?
You should make an appointment with Anne Comfort at Together you can discuss your learning issues and be screened for a possible learning disability. Where warranted a referral for a full assessment can be made.