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Orientation Week: Frequently Asked Questions 

Orientation Basics:

What is Orientation week?
Orientation week is an introduction to life at Mount Allison. It is a place to meet your new best friends while becoming familiar with both Mount Allison and Sackville. This involves a week of exciting and informative events, helping students smoothly transition to University. Orientation week includes: a concert, group activities, guest speakers, and more! To get a better idea of what Orientation week entails, see our photo album.

When does Orientation take place?
University Orientation week takes place from August 29 – September 2. International, Meighen Centre, and Disability Services Orientation begin on August 26th. Click here for more information on Early Orientation 

Who organizes University Orientation?
University Orientation is a cooperative effort between the Mount Allison Student Union (MASU) and Mount Allison’s Student Life Office. This year’s Orientation Chair is Nigel Verret, a fourth-year Economics & Commerce student from Vancouver, BC. Working with Nigel is a large team of hugely enthusiastic student volunteers who come together to make Orientation a success. Indentifiable by their distinctive orientation t-shirts, these volunteers are here to help you with navigating campus, running activities, and making your overall adjustment to life at MtA as smooth as possible.

I will be living off-campus. Can I participate in Orientation Week?
We would love for you to be involved! All of Orientation week is available to off-campus students. You will also have the opportunity to participate in an off-campus Orientation session.

Is it mandatory for me to participate in all of Orientation Week?
Of course not! Orientation week events are opt-in. This means that if you feel in some way uncomfortable participating, you will be in no way pressured to participate. Orientation volunteers are always around to help.

What is Commencement and who can go?
Commencement takes place in Convocation Hall on Thursday, August 29 at 4:00pm.  It is a full-university ceremony that marks the beginning of a student’s time at Mount Allison.  Join with University faculty and staff in ushering in a new academic year and welcoming new students and their families to the Mount Allison and Sackville communities.  Commencement is a public event and open to all.

What is Shinerama?
Shinerama is the largest university and college fundraiser in the country, involving over sixty schools, raising money and awareness for cystic fibrosis research. The Mount Allison Students’ Union (MASU) has been committed to finding a cure since its first Shinerama campaign in 1970, winning Best Overall Campaign four times (most recently in 2017 and 2018). Over the years, Mount Allison students have helped to raise over half a million dollars for cystic fibrosis research. This year’s campaign goal is $38,000. Visit MASU’s Shinerama page here. Meet this year’s Shinerama Chair here.  

What should I do about health and dental insurance while at Mount Allison?

The Mount Allison Student Union (MASU) provides extended health and dental coverage to all students. All full-time students are automatically charged for the extended health and dental plans but can opt out if they provide MASU with proof of equivalent insurance coverage from another provider. Full-time international students are additionally covered by the MASU Basic Medical Insurance Plan. To opt out of the plan, students must provide MASU with proof of equivalent insurance coverage from another provider. Visiting exchange students and Canadians without provincial health care coverage can apply through MASU for medical coverage under the same plan. For more information, go to the MASU website or send an email to For more information about accessing health services at Mount Allison, visit the health insurance coverage page on the Wellness Centre website.

Getting To Campus 

When should I plan to arrive at Mount Allison?
If you are living on-campus, it is advised that you arrive and move into your residence between 9:00am and 2:00pm on Thursday, August 29.  If you anticipate arriving after 3pm, please contact your residence don at [residence] (e.g. Orientation events begin at 3:00pm. University Orientation volunteers will take you to the meeting point.

Where do I go once I get to campus?
If you are living on-campus, go directly to your assigned residence where you can register and move in. Residences open at 9am. Afterwards, go to the Wallace McCain Student Centre where you can pick up your Welcome Pack, your MtA ID Card, and your mailbox key. If you are living off-campus, proceed directly to the Student Centre.

Living In Residence

What should I bring?
Sackville is a beautiful and windy place. We get a lot of rain, snow, and cold temperatures throughout the winter months. Make yourself comfortable; bring a rain jacket, winter jacket, bed-sheets, a mattress cover, your health card, and some lamps. If you happen to live in an en-suite, you will need to bring a shower curtain. Click here for a comprehensive guide about living in residence.

What is the Books-on-Beds service?

Avoid bookstore line-ups.  Arrange for your books to be delivered to your on-campus residence room before the start of each new term. Simply place your book order using the MTA bookstore’s online service. For more information, visit the Books on Beds homepage.

What are Residence Welcoming Activities?
Beginning on Move-in Day and continuing throughout the Orientation period, each on-campus residence will organize a series of events to welcome new residents and build house spirit. These events are intended to be fun and inclusive. They’re also completely optional. There is no obligation to participate if you feel uncomfortable doing so. The student organizers of house welcoming activities have taken care to ensure that no activities promote dangerous or illegal behaviour, forced consumption of alcohol, sexism, racism, homophobia, obscenity, or other exclusionary behaviours.  For questions about the activities and your participation in them, speak to members of your House Executive or contact the Student Life Office.

What are Residence Dues?

Each year, the student-elected executives in residence plan house activities for the students living in their particular residence.  In short, it’s their budget for the year. The "Residence Dues" charge is placed on students’ Mount Allison accounts in an effort to make the payment and collection process easier for all concerned.  The funds will be transferred to the house executives for student-led programming over the course of the year.  Please note that only students in residence are charged Residence Dues.  Furthermore, it’s the same flat charge for all residences.
Mail, E-mail, & Textbooks

What is my address at Mount Allison?
All full-time students living on or off-campus are assigned a campus mailbox number. The mailboxes are located on the lower level of the Wallace McCain Student Centre. Pick up your mailbox key from the University Bookstore once you arrive on campus. For more information, visit the Student Mail website. Until you are assigned a specific box/unit number, use the following general address:

Mount Allison University
62A York Street
Sackville, NB
E4L 1H3