Meet Your 2019 Orientation Committee!  

2019 University Orientation Chair: Nigel Verret ('20) 

 Nigel Verret .Hey incoming Mounties! My name is Nigel Verret and I am this year’s University Orientation Chair. I am very excited to welcome you all to our wonderful community! You might be asking yourselves: “What is Orientation Week?” Well, O-Week is a fantastic opportunity for you to get acquainted with Mount Allison University and the Town of Sackville while having a ton of fun in the process! You will be introduced to your orientation and residence leaders who will be guiding you on your first leg of your university career, to faculty and staff who will be there to support you in your academic and social endeavors, and to numerous other friendly faces who you can approach whenever you’re in need of some advice or help. We are lucky to be a part of such a supportive, caring, and inclusive community, and O-Week is your first taste of what Mount A is all about! The Orientation team, the residence life team, faculty, staff, and I are all looking forward to meeting you! Welcome to the family!



 2019 Shinerama Chair: Micci Davy ('20)  

 Micci Davy Hello! My name is Micci and I’m a fourth-year psychology student from Halifax, NS. Orientation is the perfect chance to meet the people you’ll be spending your time with at MTA, while getting to know campus and Sackville! With all the different events throughout the week its super easy to find the ones you’re most interested in, which is what I love about it! Personally, my favourite part of orientation is Shine day, which happens near the end. On Shine day, over 700 students come together to raise money for our Shinerama campaign in support of Cystic Fibrosis research and care, helping us to reach our goal of $35,000!. It’s really a fun way to meet new people while supporting an important initiative. I hope you’re getting excited and I can’t wait to see you all in August!




 Orientation Committee Members                                                                                                   

 Jana ArseneaultMy name is Jana Arseneault and I am a 4th year Biology Honours student. My favourite thing about being a Mount A student is the opportunity to be part of this great community of people that are always so welcoming and open minded. When I first walked onto this campus I felt so welcomed and wanted to keep this vibe going for the rest of the students at Mount A. I would highly recommend to all incoming students to do what YOU want to do! Even if your friends don't want to participate in an activity, but you think it would be super fun, then go and you will make even more friends there and have a great time! If you have any questions or concerns, you can email me at




 Shona Boyd

My favourite thing about Mount A is not only the sense of community but also the sense of inclusion you feel the moment you step out of your car on Orientation Day 1. The moment I arrived at my residence two years ago, I was welcomed by smiling faces and positive energy and it has never been a dull moment since. With over 150+ clubs and societies there's something for everyone, plus if you want to start something that we don't have you can do it! No matter if you've never done improv or tried to play rugby before, you're still welcome! The chances to broaden your horizons and have experiences like no other is waiting for you in September! If you have any questions about Orientation or MtA in general feel free to reach out to me at          




 Jenna Chisolm

Hello all and welcome to Mount A!! My name is Jenna, I'm a third year math and physics major, and I'm super excited to help plan your orientation this year! One of my favourite things about Mount A is how close knit our university is! I love seeing familiar faces all around campus, having small class sizes where you can get to know your prof, and being a short walk away from all of Sackville's gems! You really feel like part of a big family here! My best piece of advice to get the most out of Orientation Week (and university in general) is to get out there! As a fairly introverted person, I know how intimidating that can be; the key is to remember that everyone else is in the same boat! So, participate in the activities that interest you, try something new, and get to know the people around you! I promise that leaving your comfort zone will be totally worth it! If you have any questions or just want to chat about Orientation or university in general, feel free to email me at!



Allison Clark Hello new students and welcome to Mount Allison! My name is Allison Clark and I'm a fourth year student pursuing an Honours degree in Biology with minors in Environmental Science and Geography. I'm from a small community called Blockhouse, which is located on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. I am so excited to be on the Orientation Committee to help you all have a positive introduction to Mount A! At Mount A, I participate in many clubs and societies. If there is one piece of advice I can give to you entering university is to get involved! This is a great way to meet new people and try new things! With that being said, entering a new place can be super overwhelming and finding a balance between schoolwork, social life, and extracurriculars isn't easy. It is always important to put your mental and physical health above these things, and reach out for help when you need it! If you have any questions or concerns about Orientation Week, academics, or simply about Mount Allison, please do not hesitate to contact me at! I can't wait to meet you all!



Marcus Darrell My favourite thing at Mount A is that since we are a small town it is so easy to make good strong friendships which really help since we are away from family. They are there when you want to have some fun, need help with work or are feeling stressed and just need someone to talk to. Everyone knows everyone and are so friendly and it really feels like a second home. Another part of Mount A that I love is that everyone supports each other and lets you just be yourself which really allows you to really figure out who you are as a person and what you want to do in life. Lastly, even though it is a little town, we still make the best of it and have a good time. Everyone who knows me knows I'm not that shy, but I can be when I meet new people, especially in new settings. But when I came to Mount A I said I'm not going to do that, and instead I just put myself out there and tired to meet new people, and it was the best decision I made. So my advice for new students is that yes, it's a whole new experience, you're away from everything you know and love. But really try to put yourself out there, say hi to someone, and just have fun - I promise we don't bite.


Lauren Dessureault Hey Mounties! Welcome to MtA. My name is Lauren Dessureault and I am from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I am a third year student majoring in Biology and minoring in Biochemistry. I'm on the Varsity Swim Team and the past Vice President of Campbell Hall. My favourite thing about MtA is how welcoming and friendly everyone is! I am super excited to be a part of Orientation once again this year as it is so much fun. It's a great time to meet new people and make memories. My favourite part of Orientation is the BBQ Dance-Off as you get to show off your house spirit! My advice for new students is to get involved and take advantage of every opportunity. You may find a new passion! Feel free to email me with any questions at I'm looking forward to meeting you all in the fall!






Shae Dicaire My favourite thing about being a student at Mount A is the community hands down. YOu will meet your best friends here and thanks to the small campus size you get to know so many people so no matter where you go, you can always find a familiar face and that helps to make Mount A feel like home. I also love how you can truly build your degree to suit your interests and needs, the faculty are extremely helpful in ensuring a great learning experience during your time at Mount A! A tip I have for new students is to challenge yourself to really push yourself past you comfort zone by trying new things and meeting new people. University will be the best years of your life so I encourage new students to make the most out of it and Orientation Week is the perfect way to get started! If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything about Mount A, please feel free to email me,!




Emma GallowayHey everyone, welcome to MtA! One of the things I love most about Mount Allison is all the opportunities to get involved. Joining clubs and teams that interest you is a great way to meet new people and make Sackville feel like home! My favourite Orientation event is definitely the BBQ Dance-Off because it's a super fun way to meet everyone in your residence while showing off some house pride! If you have any questions, I'm happy to help ( I'm so excited to meet you all! 








Claire Genest

HELLO TO MY NEWEST FRIENDS! My name is Claire, but you can call me Cler! I am a fourth year International Relations student from St. John’s, NL, currently studying in Strasbourg through MTA’s study abroad program! One of the hardest parts of studying abroad was being away from the irreplaceable MTA community, so I am PUMPED to get back to campus for O-Week! If you’re checking out this page, it probably means you’re either very excited, or feeling a bit nervous for your first few days at MTA. Whichever way you feel, you can rest assured that you are absolutely not alone! You can also rest assured that the MTA community is extremely excited to welcome you into the family, and that whichever way you roll, you’re about to meet a whole bunch of peeps that roll the same way. My favorite Orientation activity is all of them, but if I had to choose, it would have to be the BBQ Dance-Off that happens at the Swan Pond. It is an epic display of spirit, something that the world needs more of. In terms of my MTA experience, the night before coming to MTA was the most nervous I’ve been in my entire life. But the second I stepped foot into Harper Hall, all my worries went away, rainbows and stardust started shooting off of disco balls, and the soundtrack to the best four years of my life started playing in the background. You think I’m exaggerating? I’m not! Get ready to meet some incredible people, learn valuable lessons, and have an unforgettable university experience. WELCOME TO THE MTA FAMILY! I can’t wait to SEE YOU SOON!


Sophie Hartlen  

Hey everyone, welcome to MTA! My name is Sophie, I’m a third year biology student and I’m from Halifax, NS. I am super excited to help welcome you to the small but vibrant town of Sackville. My favourite memory of Orientation has to be the Corn Boil, as it was nice to feel so welcomed by not only Mount A students, but the entire community, and it was the perfect opportunity to spend some time exploring my new home of Sackville. The delicious buttery corn was the icing on the cake! Throughout the whole week there are activities suited to every energy level, and it’s so worth it to push yourself out of your comfort zone, get out there and try new things, and talk to some new awesome people that you’ll be seeing around for the rest of your time here! Can’t wait to meet you all during O Week, it’s going to be a blast!!



 Maggie Ivimey My name is Maggie and I’m a third year in the environmental studies program. I love being a student at Mount Allison and one of my favorite things about this school is the student community. Everyone is so nice and welcoming and there are so many opportunities to get involved. There is something for everyone at MTA and the profs and students are amazing; I’m so thankful I decided to come here. As an incoming student, the best thing you can do is to get involved, starting with orientation week! There are tons of events for everyone and I recommend participating in as many as you can, especially the glow party mixer. Throughout the year there are tons of events to participate in and societies to join. Whether it is a club, residence or sports team, being engaged within MTA is the best way to make friends and feel at home. The first month can be a bit overwhelming so remember to take it day by day and that you are never alone here. If you have any questions about orientation week or getting settled in don’t hesitate to contact me, my email is I look forward to seeing you all orientation week!



Emma KruisselbrinkWelcome to MTA! In my opinion the best part of MTA is how small the campus is. By being such a small campus, you get to know a lot of people personally, through interactions in class and in different clubs and societies. It gives MTA a nice homey feeling, and just walking around campus or in downtown Sackville you are bound to run into multiple people you know! As I grew up in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, going from one small university town to another small university town definitely made the adjustment from high school to university easier. I also love the wide variety of clubs and societies that MTA offers. My advice would be to join some of the clubs and societies. There is bound to be something you are interested in, and it is an easy way to make new friends! 




William Li

Hello incoming Mounties! My name is William, and I am SO excited to be a part of the orientation team again. I am a fourth-year student, majoring in Biology, minoring in Commerce. I am from Charlottetown, PEI but moved to Canada in 2010. I will be working as a member of the Spirit committee this year! One of the greatest things about Mount A is that it’s a small school that provides countless opportunities and you'll quickly feel accepted into this amazing community. Orientation week was definitely one of my favorite events during my first year and also a great way to start make new friends. I am super excited to meet everyone and looking forward to have another awesome year at MtA! Have a great summer and welcome to your new home!!




Meghan MacAskill Helloooo future Mounties!
My name is Meghan MacAskill, but you can call me Meg. I’m in fourth year studying political science and history. I am from Halifax, NS, and choosing to attend MtA was truly one of the best decisions I have ever made.
My favourite part of being a MtA student is how welcoming the community is, and how easy it is to feel comfortable and supported being your own person everywhere you go. I never thought it was possible for SO many exciting, motivated and caring people to fit into one small town. It’s pretty amazing! As well, Harper Hall, G&G (the musical theatre society), and the R.P. Bell library have a very special place in my heart.
My advice to you as incoming students is to have an open mind and heart, and to adjust your expectations. It goes without saying that it is beyond scary to jump out of your comfort zone and leave family and friends behind to start this new chapter of your life. That being said, this is SUCH an exciting new opportunity for you to get to know yourself a whole lot better, and meet some incredible people. If you’re like me, you’ve heard a lot of oversimplified statements along the lines of: “You meet your best friends in O Week.” “O Week is the best week of your undergrad,” “Your undergrad years are the best years of your life,” and the list goes on. These can be true for some people, but do yourself a favour and don’t put that amount of pressure on yourself to find your people and find your groove by day 1, because for most people it takes a lot longer than that, and that’s OK!  With a positive attitude, you’ll have the ability to take something good out of every experience -- so push yourself to attend lots of the exciting events that the Orientation Committee, Residence Execs, and more have planned for you in the first few weeks -- don’t be scared, you have nothing to lose!!! MtA already loves you.
If you have any questions or just want to chat about Orientation Week or MtA in general don’t hesitate to reach out! :)
Have an awesome summer and we can’t wait to see you in a few short months! <3



Sara McConnell

Hey Mounties! I can’t wait to welcome you to your new home MTA! My name is Sara McConnell, and I am a 4th year biology student. I am from Moncton, New Brunswick, and although I’m not far from home Mount Allison has truly become my second home. This year, alongside the orientation Committee, crew and all the other wonderful people involved with orientation we hope to provide a safe, welcoming introduction to MtA and life in Sackville. In the past some of my favourite orientation events have been the mash up dance off and the slip and slide!! I can’t wait to have you all here on campus, and remember everyone involved with orientation was once in your shoes so don’t hesitate to ask us to questions, we can’t wait to help! See you soon!!




 Steph McKennaHi Mounties and welcome to your new home! My name is Stephanie McKenna and I’m from Riverview, NB. I’m a fourth year student completing an Honours in Biology with a minor in Biochemistry. I’m so excited to be working with the O-committee this year and getting to meet you! I hope you will fall in love with Mount A as I have in the past three years! During the winter term, I was fortunate enough to study at the University of Stirling, in Scotland. I highly recommend participating in an exchange program through Mount A as it has been such a great experience. I’ve since realized how thankful I am for my tight-knit community at Mount A! The most important thing to remember in your first year is take care of yourself, have fun and don’t hesitate to talk to any of the squad! Your first week can be overwhelming and we may be able to help with any of your concerns. If you have questions about anything, please just send me an email at, I’m happy to help. See you all in Sackville come September!



Sean McNeill

Hey everybody! My name is Sean, and I am so excited to meet all of you in September. Coming into university I was pretty nervous about finding my place at MtA, but orientation week provides a great environment for figuring out who you really want to be at university, and it's the committee's goal to help create that kind of comfortable environment My favourite O-Week memories were exploring Sackville at the Corn Boil, and dancing with my residence at the ICONIC BBQ Dance-Off. It’ll be here before you know it, so see you all soon!







 Luke Mungall

Hey there! My name is Luke Mungall and I am a fourth year psychology major, philosophy minor from Ottawa, Ontario. Coming to Mount Allison is one of the best decisions I have ever made, as I have discovered what I am passionate about, and have made lifelong friends and memories. Even though I came from a city, little ol’ Sackville has become my second home, and I feel part of a tight-knit community. I feel like I share something in common with all Mount A students, past and present! Trust me when I say that the next few years will be a blast; you will meet the most amazing and interesting people, have unforgettable experiences, and most of all, you’ll learn a lot (and not only from the books!) For incoming students, my advice to you is this: work as hard as you can and have as much fun as you can, because Mount A is the best place to do both!




William NgoHELLO NEWBIE MOUNTIES!!!!!!! My name is William Ngo, a fourth-year student majoring in Chemistry/Commerce and I am one of your orientation leaders. I love sports in general and play on the varsity badminton team (so join us if you do play). I also play classical guitar and love country music. In my experience, O-week will be the best time of your university experience. Therefore, you should try to get the most out of it by participating in all of the events. A piece of advice is to find clubs and societies to join to get a head start while staying focus on your schoolwork. WORK HARD, PLAY HARD and regret nothing!!!!!! If you have questions about anything, don’t hesitate to send me a message or email because we are here to help! I cannot wait to meet you all! GO MOUNTIES




Emily O'Leary

Hi future Mounties, and welcome!!! My name is Emily O’Leary, and I am a third year Voice major in the Bachelor of Music program. Mount A has so much to offer its students, from educational resources to social activities, and Orientation Week is one of the best ways to get acquainted with all of the amazing opportunities available to you, so I would recommend going to as many events as you can! One of my favourite O-Week activities would have to be the BBQ Dance-Off - it is such a great way to get to know your house and show some pride! As a member of the Health and Wellness Committee, I want to make sure your transition into life at Mount A is as smooth and comfortable as possible, and I want to encourage you to reach out to me if you’re feeling overwhelmed, have any questions, or just need a friend. My email is, and I can’t wait to meet everyone in September!





Everett Patterson

Hello to All!! My name is Everett Patterson and I am a four-year Math and Physics double major, but don’t let yourself be deceived - I love learning and chatting about almost everything. I truly believe that education cannot be confined to any number of disciplines, which is part of the reason MtA’s liberal arts education was such a draw for me. Even beyond the classroom MtA has so much to offer. One of my favourite things about being a student here has been getting to know all sorts of wonderful people in residence, playing sports, volunteering, or just walking about.

Being at Mount A is an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone. If you are the same person leaving MtA as you were coming in, we did our job wrong. Lastly, remember to be YOU(!!) - nothing is worth more than a genuine personality.





Paige Percy

Hey Everyone!! I’m Paige, a fourth year Honours Political Science Student with a minor in philosophy and international politics! I’m from a small town outside Ottawa, ON. My favourite thing about MtA is the amount of opportunities! From being an RA, to conferences, one of a kind courses, clubs/societies all the way to studying abroad, there are opportunities for everyone! Take advantage of everything you can. My biggest piece of advice for new students is to not put the pressure on yourself to make orientation week the best week of your life. Orientation week is overwhelming, exciting and everything in between - just go with what you feel. You may not meet your best friends in orientation week, and that’s totally okay! Once the pressure is off you will find your place and your people! If you have any questions, concerns or just want to chat about MtA feel free to reach me a






 Maggie PickardI’m Maggie and I’m a third year Biochemistry major and Psychology minor! My favourite thing about Mount A is definitely its small size, which helps make it feel like home. I love that no matter where I go on campus I can always find a familiar face, and usually know most of the people around no matter what situation I’m walking into! One piece of advice that I have is this: get involved! Join a club or society, try out for a team, and go to events. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to do everything, and not to overdo it, but getting involved is the best way to meet new people and make lasting friendships! 







Mike Perry

Hello incoming Mounties! My name is Mike, and I’m a 4th year former Huntonite majoring in Physics and Mathematics. If you ever wanna talk about anything related to science, I’m definitely your guy! I know I was extremely nervous heading into Orientation week, but if I could give one piece of advice, it would be to really make the most of it. Do as many activities as you’re comfortable with, talk to new people, and take care of yourself! One of my favourite things about being at MTA is definitely the people. There such a wide variety of interesting people that come from all different places that it is never a dull moment here, and I know the incoming class will have so much to add to this amazing community. I can’t wait to meet all of you in September!




Brandon Pineo  

Hey everyone! My name is Brandon Pineo, I’m from Saint John, NB and I am SO excited to be apart of your orientation week! My favourite thing about MTA is the close-knit community, spirit, and tradition it holds! Orientation week is my favourite time of the year at MTA and my favourite memory of o-week was the BBQ Dance-Off, Mountie Mania and seeing all my past housemates of Harper Hall!! One piece of advice I would like to pass on is to never hold back. Try new things, meet new people and do the best you can do. Have a great summer and see you soon!








Lucy Poole  

Hi Mounties! I’m so excited to meet all of you and share with you the great things that MtA and Sackville have to offer. My favourite thing about MtA (and I know I’m not the only one who says this!) is how easy it is to meet interesting people who come from all sorts of different places. If I could give new students one tip, it would be to keep an open mind throughout your first year here - it’s not a bad thing to not know exactly what you want to do! Try lots of different classes and clubs and societies and see which ones stick. And if you have any questions during the summer, feel free to email me at






Maddy RussellHello! My name is Madelaine Russell and I am in my fourth year studying Biochemistry. My favourite thing about Mount A is how I was able to meet so many motivated and enthusiastic people who have pushed me to do things outside of my comfort zone and grow as a person over the past 3 years. My tip of advice for incoming students would be to try to immerse yourselves not only in the Mount Allison community, but also the Sackville community. By committing to even just one club or one extracurricular activity and by attending a few events within the Sackville community (for example the farmers market or the corn boil), you will feel much more invested and at home in this community. If you have any questions about Mount A, residence, orientation week or the like, feel free to send me an email at I can’t wait to see you all in a few months!




Victoria RustPart of the reason why I have loved my time at Mount A so much, and why I will be sad to leave next year, is the close community you are able to build at this school. This happens quite effortlessly for most people as students are encouraged to find their niche within the school through the many clubs, societies and sports teams we offer. The other reason I love MTA so much is the small class sizes that allow you to get to know your profs and participate in research to really make the most of your time at Mount A.
I'd recommend trying at least one new extracurricular when you come to school! Even if you really enjoyed what you did in high school, university is full of new opportunities you may come to enjoy even more!





Grace SnowdonHello incoming Mounties! My name is Grace Snowdon, I'm a 4th year Psychology student, and I grew up here in Sackville, New Brunswick. There are so many great aspects to being a Mount Allison student, and one thing you will hear from many current students is that Mount Allison has a family community. You get to know your housemates, your classmates, your professors, the university staff, and so many other people! All of these people contribute to your success at Mount A. My advice to all of you is to keep a positive attitude and to keep trying throughout Orientation even if you are feeling afraid or discouraged. It took me a while to start making connections with people, something that is normal and totally okay. I cannot wait to meet all of you, and I highly encourage you to come for a tour during the summer to see the campus beforehand and to have the opportunity to ask any and all questions. Feel free to e-mail me with ANY questions you may have about university life, Sackville, or Orientation at and I will be sure to get back to you! Have a great summer, and see you all soon!





Will TravesHi there! My name’s Will and I’m a fourth year student doing a Bachelor of Arts in History and Psychology. Mount Allison has an amazing community of people that make you feel welcome, accepted, and at home. My advice for your Orientation Week is to go with the flow, do what sounds fun, and be open to new experiences. I’m really excited to be a part of the orientation committee this year and can’t wait to see you all in the fall, if you have any questions about orientation or Mount Allison in general you can email me at







Jessica Vickery

Hi everyone! My name is Jessica Vickery and I am a fourth year student, doing an Honours in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Biochemistry! I was very nervous coming to University, but looking back Orientation is still one of, if not my most favourite event I’ve been to at Mount Allison! You’ll have lots of support between the Orientation Team and the Residence Staff if you find yourself having a tough time! My favourite thing about Mount A is how easy it is to find a balance between your social and academic life, and how supportive your peers are. We look forward to meeting you all, and if you ever have any questions or need some support feel free to reach me at





Cecilia WattMy favourite thing about Mt.A is the built in support system and family that you will find here, wether that be in friends, professors, staff, or members of the Sackville community. So many people are waiting to welcome you with open arms and are ready to support you through this new stage of your life! Another thing I love about Mt.A is the counseling team in the wellness centre. I know that they’ve helped me, and countless others, work towards better mental health over the years; their doors are always open and they have the incredible quality of knowing how to make you completely comfortable!

Advice: Orientation week can be a lot because there are so many new people, places and events in front of you all at once. If it’s too much for you, that’s completely ok! Always put yourself and your mental health first, don’t be afraid to take some alone time for yourself to decompress.



Sertara WilkinsonHiiii!!!! I’m Sertara. I was born and raised in The Bahamas and came to MtA from in 2016. I’m a forth year student studying Biology with a minor in Drama. I chose MtA because of many research opportunities, the many disciplines in their Drama program and its reputation. What I love most about being a Mountie is the connections I’ve made. My professors care about my learning and my achievements, the friends I’ve gained have been supportive and the town is beautiful. One tip I wish I knew during my orientation be open to new ideas, possibilities and most importantly new people.






Kailey WilockHey new Mounties! My name is Kailey Wilock and I’m a fourth-year student doing an Honours in Biochemistry and minoring in psychology. My favourite part of being a student at Mount A is all the great opportunities on campus and all the ways to get involved. I’ve loved my time here because of my roles on the student union, with Global Brigades, and participating in many other clubs and societies. A tip that I have for incoming students is to be curious and ask questions! If you see a poster for a club or event that looks interesting, ask about it or go check it out. If you need help in a class or are interested in knowing more about a certain topic, ask your professor or TA. Try to make the most out of your time here and take advantage of all the opportunities the campus has to offer! If you have any questions, feel free to email me: