Deadline for online registration = Wednesday, August 28 @ 12pm (Atlantic Time)
You can still register in person on/after Arrival Day (August 29). T-shirt sizes will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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University Orientation 2019 gets started Thursday, August 29!

Please note: 

  • There is no registration fee for University Orientation. All students are encouraged to take part as it's already included in your student fees. By registering in advance, we know that you're coming (and we can get your t-shirt size right!).
  • Students living in our on-campus residences can move in as of 9am on August 29. Visit the Move-In Day page for more info.
  • Free lunch and dinner at Jennings Dining Hall for all new (residence) students and their families on August 29.
  • Parents and family members are encouraged to stay for the Commencement ceremony at 4pm. Check out the full Orientation schedule here!
  • Friday, August 30 is Academic Orientation. All students are encouraged to attend. Free lunch at Jennings for all participants.
  • For students participating in Early Orientation, please be sure to register for University Orientation AND Early Orientation. They are separate registration processes.

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Academic Orientation  

Friday, August 30, is Academic Orientation.  Please indicate which Academic Orientation session you'd like to join.



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Will you be living in residence during the upcoming academic year? 


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Note: if you have not yet been assigned a room in residence, please write "unassigned" 

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