Things To Do & People To See in Sackville:
Quietly leaving its mark from the heart of New Brunswick   
Head to Joey’s for all you can eat pizza on a Tuesday.
Go see a Midnight Movie at the Vogue.
Shop ‘til you drop at Sackville’s Midnight Madness.
Grab a world-famous milkshake at  Mel’s.
Touch the Taxidermy at Thunder & Lightning.
Spend an afternoon studying at  The Black Duck.
Go to the  Sackville Farmer’s Market.
Fit all of your friends into a booth at Ducky's.
Waterfowl Park ... And Around
Grab a meal at Patterson’s with visiting family or friends.
Take the train to Montreal or Halifax for the weekend.
Host a potluck.
Go skydiving in Moncton.
Explore the quarry.
Get early morning breakfast at the Big Stop in Aulac.
Stick around for a Sackville summer.
Decipher the wet/dry garbage program.  

On Campus On Campus
Meet our President, Jean-Paul Boudreau.
Get creative – invent your own culinary masterpiece at Jennings.
Hear the Hart Hall ghost story.
Take a study break for a Late Night snack at Jennings.
Build a fort in your residence lounge!
Pull an all-nighter.
Have lunch at Gracie’s, the student centre café!
Make full use of high speed internet access on campus.
Thank your RA’s, dons, and house executives for jobs well done.
See campus through the chapel’s stained-glass windows.  
Participate in Shinerama.
Contribute to The Argosy
Host your own radio show on CHMA, 106.9 FM
Participate in the activities planned by your residence executive
Learn to find the Registrar’s, Student Life and MASU Offices
Sign up for the Volunteer Database
Smile while volunteering with the SMILE program.
Join a club or society – or start one of your own!
Introduce someone new to Mount A.
Volunteer for an afternoon at the MTA Farm or the Community Garden!
Outdoor ConcertEntertainment 
See a live band perform at Stereophonic Music Festival!
Check out Trivia at The Pond on a Thursday.
Attend an Improv show at The Pond.
Get dressed to the nines for the ASCARS.
Dance until the lights come on at the Pond.
Don’t miss a single Garnet & Gold musical.
Attend all of the Performing Arts Series performances.
Try to buy every installment of Conduct Becoming.
Audition for a play with Black Tie, Windsor Theatre, or Garnet and Gold!

Students strolling through campusAcademics
Visit your professor during office hours.
Get to know the MASU Arts, Science and Social Science Senators.
Get to know your Profs by their first name, and have them get to know you (for the right reasons)!
Set foot in every building on campus.
Apply for a study abroad program.
Stick around for a Spring Session course.
Walk across the stage at Convocation Hall to receive your undergraduate degree.
Intramural SportsStaying Active 
Cheer on our varsity Mounties in garnet and gold face paint!
Play a game of Ultimate Frisbee at Normandy Field.
Attend a class at the Fitness Centre.
Play on an intramural sports team.
Make an appointment and get to know Cindy Crossman at the Wellness Centre.
Go for a run in the Waterfowl Park.

Skating in the North-side Quad
... In The Great Outdoors
Bike down to the dykes off of Crescent St.
Explore the end of Bridge Street.
Stargaze at the observatory.
Experience a Sackville sunrise in Waterfowl Park.
Go sledding at the Swan Pond on a winter evening.
Ski the slopes at Wentworth and Poley Mountain
Ride a bicycle to Silver Lake.
Take a trip to Hopewell Rocks or Parlee Beach when the weather is nice.
Skate on the frozen Swan Pond.
  Go mud sliding at the Broken Bridge.
Try not to blink. You'll miss it!