Bringing us together, wherever!

This is a year like no other. At a time when COVID19 is doing so much to keep us apart, we have to find new ways to come together. Virtual Orientation is our way of doing this. Some new students will be starting their studies here in Sackville. Others will be starting from home. Everyone is looking for ways to plug into Orientation and connect with others.  


Over the course of the summer, Mount Allison, the Students' Union, and Orientation leaders will be posting new videos, webinars, and other online content that is designed to introduce you to Mount Allison and get you ready for your studies in September. Links to that content will be posted here. Some of it will be practical (e.g. how to use Moodle). Some of it will be interactive (e.g. online Q&A + Facebook Live sessions). Some of it will explore deeper themes that are core to who we are as a university community (e.g. diversity & inclusion, mental health, consent, alcohol harms reduction). All of it will hopefully help you to prepare for your time at Mount Allison, whether it begins online or in person.

Self-Isolation Programming (Aug.14-29)

Some students will be arriving in Sackville early to complete a 2-week self-isolation period. For all the important reasons why self-isolation is necessary, we recognize that it will also be a challenging adjustment and change of pace for some. We are committed to providing on and off-campus students with daily line-up of virtual programming to keep you engaged, informed, and connected. Even if you're not self-isolating in Sackville, this is a great opportunity to be a part of our daily programming and to make connections with some new friends. Online programming will be regularly added to the Schedule page on the Orientation Guidebook app. Download the app here.

Meet the Orientation Team

We're really excited this year to launch a new interactive platform that allows new students to meet and communicate members of our 100+ Orientation Team. They're all students who have volunteered their time, this summer and into the fall, to help you get ready for your time at Mount Allison. Go to the "Orientation Team" page on the Orientation website to view students' profiles. Sort Orientation Team members by program of study, clubs/societies, or personal interests. Contact someone directly with questions about their own Mount Allison experience. Hopefully, by connecting early and often with our Orientation Team you will come away feeling assured and reassured that you're ready to do this.