We strive for Orientation to be a fun, welcoming, and inclusive experience for all new students.

The Orientation Chair and a team of more than 100 student volunteers (Orientation Committee + Orientation Crew) are committed to making the transition to life at Mount Allison as smooth and well-supported as possible. The first week, the first month, and the first year (!) represent the beginning of new friendships, the opportunity to evaluate and re-imagine one's identity, and a chance to take on greater independence and responsibility. Orientation is meant to introduce new students to all this and more. The Orientation schedule is set up to keep students busy (but not too busy), to provide them with opportunities to socialize on their own terms, and to connect them with the people and information that will help to make their first year at Mount Allison (and beyond) a success. For more about University Orientation and what is planned this year, visit www.mta.ca/orientation.

Fall Orientation

Students who start at Mount Allison in September are are invited to arrive early (at the end of August) for Fall Orientation. On-campus students move into residence in advance of upper year/returning students and enjoy 4-5 days of Orientation programming and activities before classes begin on the Tuesday after Labour Day. Orientation is for off-campus students too! All Orientation events and activities are fully open to all new students. There is something for everyone!  Please visit Orientation to find out more.

Winter Orientation

Students who start at Mount Allison in January are invited to take part in a 1-2 day Winter Orientation immediately prior to the start of classes. Winter Orientation represents a condensed version of Fall Orientation. Students will will meet and engage with other new students through welcome events, information sessions, and student and staff-led workshops. For more information about this year's Winter Orientation schedule and how to register, visit the Winter Orientation page. 

Mature student Orientation

While many students arriving at Mount Allison are in their late teenage years, we also have a population of older, mature students as well. We have the option of an orientation for students 22+.

Please contact Student Life for more information.

Orientation chair

Each year Mount Allison Student Life, along with the Mount Allison Students' Union, hire a student over the summer months to facilitate and organize Orientation activities for all incoming students. This individual works closely with Student Life and other departments within our University to ensure an informative, safe, and fun first week for all students.

Do you think you've got what it takes to co-ordinate multiple large-scale events for over 600 new students during Orientation Week? Do you have strong communication and organization skills? Are you able to work well under pressure? If you are up for this rewarding and challenging position, please consider applying! This is a paid summer position for full-time students. Please contact Student Life for more information. Click here for a full job description  

Cover letters and resumes can be dropped off at the Student Life Office (2nd floor, WMSC) no later than 4pm Thursday, January 31, 2019

Orientation Committee

For University Orientation to be successful, the O-Chair relies upon Orientation Committee members to take on leadership and responsibility for different aspects of the Orientation schedule. As such, Orientation Committee members are divided into the following five teams: Entertainment, Spirit, Health & Wellness, Education & Awareness, Logistics & Programming. Orientation Committee members keep in touch with the O-Chair over the summer months and return early to get a head-start on planning in their areas. Ideally, Orientation Committee member are people with past Orientation experience who have the time, energy, and team-first mentality to complement the planning and work of the O-Chair. Orientation Committee members should be available from August 22-September 3.

Application forms available by clicking here. Please note that you must be in Good Academic Standing to be considered for an Orientation Committee member position.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, March 15 @ 4pm

Orientation Crew  

Orientation Crew members are integral to the success of Orientation. They arrive on campus after the committee members but before new students. Where the O-Chair sets the course for Orientation and the committee members help with the planning/execution, the Crew members are the front-line/hands-on help. They welcome new students and their families on Move-In Day, they help to prep, run, and clean up events, and they play a key role in pairing up to lead Orientation groups. For new students, some of the first friendships made are with Orientation Crew members. If you're interested in being involved in this vital way, please complete the application below. NOTE: Little in the way of advance prep over the summer is required. The only requirement is that your fully available for the week of Orientation (August 25 - September 3).

Application forms available by clicking here. Please note that you must be in Good Academic Standing to be considered for an Orientation Crew member position.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, March 15 @ 4pm


International Orientation chair

The International Orientation Chair is involved in the planning, coordination and delivery of MTA’s International Orientation. This is a paid position, which begins with limited duties during the Winter 2018 term. Primary responsibilities will begin in August.

Click here for a full job description 

To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to the International Centre by 4pm on Thursday, January 31, 2019.