University Orientation Chair

This is a paid position which is overseen jointly by Mount Allison's Student Life Office and the Mount Allison Students’ Union (MASU). The Chair works with the Director of Student Life & International Services, the MASU President, and the MASU General Manager to plan and coordinate the details of Fall and Winter Orientation. In March and April, the Chair coordinates the selection process of Orientation Committee members and Orientation Ambassadors. During the spring and summer months the Chair is responsible for the development and organization of Fall Orientation; during the fall months, the Chair is responsible for planning certain aspects of Winter Orientation.  

March-September, November-January


  • To prepare for University Orientation, in consultation with both Student Affairs and MASU
  •  To maintain regular office hours from May to August
  •  To coordinate the selection process for Orientation Committee members (March)  
  •  To coordinate the selection process for Orientation Ambassadors (March-April)
  •  To work with staff in the Admissions Office to coordinate communication with all new students (April-August)
  •  To provide new students with regular Orientation updates and pre-arrival information (April-August)
  •  To collaborate with Student Affairs in the organization of orientation programming for all new students (e.g. first-year, transfer, mature, Master's, on-campus, off-campus, etc.)
  •  To assist in preparations for the First-Year student banquet, Shinerama, and the Student Activities Fair
  •  To prepare and distribute to new students all Orientation-related guides, notices, and promotional material.
  •  To assist Student Life and MASU with any additional mail-outs to new students (April-August)
  •  To prepare welcome packages for first-year/new students  
  •  To prepare packages for Orientation Ambassadors
  •  To ensure appropriate representation of Committee members and/or Orientation Ambassadors at every Orientation event
  •  To arrange, in conjunction with MASU, entertainment for Orientation
  •  To arrange room bookings, audio visual needs and food for Orientation events (July)
  •  To take responsibility for all advertising of events during Orientation Week   
  •  To prepare in collaboration with the MASU General Manager, a detailed budget to be submitted to the MASU President by the end of June
  •  To ensure any contractual agreements are signed & approved by the Director of Student Life & International Services and the MASU General Manager
  •  To ensure students are assigned to Mentor groups in conjunction with the Registrar’s Office/Student Affairs, such that the groups are deliberately selected to represent diversity of program and background
  •  Responsible for fund raising
  •  To assist with preparation of early arrival lists in conjunction with Housing Office (July-August)
  •  To work with University, MASU, and Town of Sackville stakeholders in planning the Orientation schedule. This includes attending all regularly-scheduled Orientation planning meetings with the same groups.  
  •  To attend regular meetings with the Director, Student Life, the MASU General Manager, the MASU President, Shinerama Chair and the MASU Advertising Manager
  •  To acquire, through the Administrative Assistant in Student Affairs, the ability to run correspondence from and access to student information in Datatel
  •  To work in collaboration with Student Life, International Affairs & MASU in planning and leading elements of Winter Orientation
  •  To prepare & submit a final report to the Director, Student Life and MASU General Manager, due no later than January 15th. Final Portion of honorarium will be held until receipt of final report.
  •  Other duties as assigned