Application deadline: Friday, March 23, 2018 @ 4pm

First name:

Last name:


Phone number:

University mailbox:
Address/residence room:



Current year of study:


List your previous extracurricular involvement and the role you played in each activity.

Why are you applying to be part of the Orientation Committee?

What contributions, skills, and/or ideas would you bring to the committee?

What do you feel went over best during last year's Orientation? What would you change?
Are you able to return to Mount Allison on August 22, 2018?


If you are not selected for the committee, would you like your application to be considered for a position as an Orientation Crew member?


Will you be living in residence next year?


 Committee members will be assigned to teams. Please rank team preference in order (1-5):
Entertainment (e.g. Glow Party, First-Year Banquet)
Spirit (e.g. Karaoke BBQ, MTAlympics)
Health, Wellness & Balance (e.g. yoga, Bazum, low-key events)
Education & Programming (What I Wish I knew, Garnet & Gold Rush)
Logistics (i.e. Move-In Day, Welcome Packs, New student workshops)