To fulfill the position of a residence assistant (RA) one must have a variety of abilities, aptitudes, and skills. The skills and ability portion of the position are learned whereas the aptitude portion is further developed from the expression of a servant’s heart. As Mount Allison University’s Strategic Statement says, “Our mission is to work together to make the Mount Allison experience a unique and creative one...” Therefore, this position is for the assertive student who has experience working with and leading groups of people, a strong academic background, an ability to respond to concerns and situations in a responsible and diplomatic manner, strong communication skills, experience living in a university residence setting and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team. 

  • Possess and maintain a GPA of at least 2.25
  • A valid standard workplace first aid certification effective the duration of your contract
  • Attend one information sessions facilitated by the Residence Life Coordinator

Prime responsibilities:

  • Uphold the aims and objectives of the University
  • Ensure that residence policies are followed
  • Serve as a role model, mediator, and mentor to students within the residence
  • Ensure community living standards meet the needs of the community as well as individual needs

 Specific duties and responsibilities: 

  1. Available for duty from the start of staff Orientation, which begins late August, until the day following the last day of examinations in December and from the day prior to the official opening of residences in January until 24 hours after the last scheduled University exam in April.
  2. Complete rounds as RA on-duty in residence as determined by duty schedule.
  3. Be familiar with all the students in your assigned residence.
  4. Encourage student participation in academic, social, and athletic events in order to promote community within the residence.
  5. Maintain records in accordance with the don’s and University’s expectations.
  6. Attend and participate in staff meetings and training sessions in addition to non-scheduled meetings.
  7. Have knowledge of and be prepared to refer students to the appropriate resource such as dons, student affairs, wellness centre, chaplain, etc.
  8. Lead floor/section meetings with residents.
  9. Report damages and take immediate steps to determine individual(s) responsible for the damage.
  10. Report maintenance problems immediately to fix-it and where applicable to the dons.
  11. Complete room and common room inventories (check-in and check-out) for students as assigned.
  12. Ensure that check-out procedures, in accordance with the don’s expectations, have been completed before leaving at semester’s end.
  13. Ensure that quiet hours are observed.
  14. Ensure that regulations in the house by-laws and residence handbook are followed.
  15. Complete any special assignments given by the don(s), director of student life, or other appropriate University official.

Certain residence rooms are designated as RA rooms and therefore the financial account will be charged accordingly. RAs receive a stipend, paid in three instalments: 40% first term, 40% second term and 20% at the end of the year once all duties have been completed. The performance of residence staff is evaluated on a regular basis throughout the year.



Applications open in early second semester.  If you are interested in applying for this position, please contact Student Life for further detail, or follow the link below directly to the application.


  Residence Staff Application Applications are currently closed for 2017-2018 positions.