Leadership in Community Service Learning Grants – For Faculty

Submission deadline: No grants are being accepted at this time


  • Your submission requires a letter of support from the partner organization outlining their service needs and support for the project. The letter of support may be e-mailed to: twarren@mta.ca  
  • No letter of support is required but the individual may be contacted by the Adjudication Committee to confirm their endorsement.  
  • You may also send additional information in support your application to twarren@mta.ca

Part 1: Principal applicant information



Phone number:


Amount requested from the fund:

Part 2: Summary project information

Project name and course number:

Project dates:

Community partner or organization:

Primary contact in organization:

Partner website (if available):

Type of organization/primary function:

Names and e-mail addresses of student participants in this application, if available:

Part 3: Benefits of participation

What are the service needs of the partner organization?

Do student participants require special training? How will it be delivered?

What are the learning objectives of this community service learning project?



Part 4: Budget and financial data

Provide all relevant budget information. Receipts will be required for reimbursement.

(include ground travel (personal vehicle — rate $0.39/km; car rental; taxi); tolls, parking, bus, ferry, etc.; and airfare.)



Other (please explain):

Total budget:

Expenses covered by other sources:

Total request (total budget less expenses covered by other sources):

Please include any specific comments about or context for budget items you would like to draw to the Committee's attention:

Other sources of support for which you have applied (please include the name of the source, the amount requested, and the amount received.)

Part 5: Submission of application

I certify that the information provided in this application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

I have sent a letter of support from the partner organization outlining their service needs and support for the project to twarren@mta.ca