The Charlie Hunter Award is presented to a student who has shown exemplary student leadership and has demonstrated commitment to student involvement and engagement during their four years at Mount Allison University.   

Preference is given to a student that has lived in residence at least one year.

The Charlie Hunter Award was established by friends and co-workers of Charlie Hunter in honour of his many years as dean of students at Mount Allison University.
The committee will receive nominations and consider candidates for this award based on the level of leadership and university involvement.
Nomination deadline: Sunday, February 24, 2019 @ 11:59pm
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Please list the ways in which the nominee has contributed to academic life during their time at Mount Allison.

Please list co-curricular activities of the nominee, including clubs, varsity teams, student government, etc.
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Please indicate how this nominee has contributed to the overall life of Mount Allison University.

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