Mount Allison has been ranked #1 in the primarily undergraduate category in the 2018 Maclean’s magazine University Rankings — the 19th time we have earned such recognition since the rankings were established in 1991.

Maclean’s magazine compares universities on five main ‘performance indicators’ — students, faculty, reputation, resources, and student support. Rankings within each category are a result of multiple data points relating to that indicator. Universities are compared to other universities in one of three groups: Mount Allison is compared alongside 18 other ‘primarily undergraduate’ universities.

Summary of Maclean’s 2018 profile of Mount Allison University 

Mount Allison campus fall 2016Students
This performance indicator considers a five-year average of academic awards won by students, the student/faculty ratio, and the results of a student satisfaction survey administered by Maclean’s. Mount Allison ranked:

  • third in national academic awards won by students
  • seventh in overall student/faculty ratio (17:1)
  • seventh in overall student satisfaction

The student satisfaction survey looked at 10 different areas. Mount Allison ranked:

GIS class at Mount AllisonFaculty

This takes into account national awards won by faculty, success in generating social sciences/humanities grants and medical/science grants, and research citations. Mount Allison ranked:

  • first in national awards won by faculty
  • first in medical/science grants
  • 11th in social sciences/humanities grants

In addition, Mount Allison ranked second among all universities in Canada, and first among primarily undergraduate universities, in percentage of full-time instructional faculty who have earned a PhD, or the highest-level terminal degree, in their respective fields.

Assessment of reputation is based on a survey administered by Maclean’s that gathers the views of hundreds of faculty members, senior administrators, high school guidance counsellors, and business people across Canada. Among primarily undergraduate universities, Mount Allison ranked:

  • first for overall reputation
  • first for highest quality of education
  • fifth for most innovative

The resources indicator includes total research dollars, operating budget (per full-time student), library expenses (percentage of budget spent on library services), and library acquisitions (percentage of the library budget spent on updating the collection). Mount Allison ranked:

  • second in total library expenses as a percentage of our overall budget
  • seventh in overall operating budget per full-time student

Student support
Maclean’s considers numerous factors in the student support category, including scholarships and bursaries as well as a range of student services.

Mount Allison ranked fourth based on the percentage of our total operating expenditures devoted to scholarships and bursaries.

In terms of student services in general, Mount Allison maintained its position from last year. It is a priority for us to ensure student resources and supports are in place and well communicated.

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