We have designed a 1.5 hour course for each of the following subjects to incorporate into your customized Explore/MiniExplore program. Choose four/ three subjects from the list below that best suit the interests of your class.

This program gets the students moving - and enjoying it! Emphasis is placed on learning how to incorporate exercise into our daily lives through a series of fun and interactive games and lessons. Our energetic instructors make every minute fun and entertaining.  Students of all fitness levels and abilities will enjoy this dynamic course. Sneakers will be required for athletic activity.

Campers will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge about living things. Emphasis will be placed on human body systems, with interactive activities that range from microscopes to muscle movements! These activities will help you discover just how interesting the human body really is.

Explore the wonders of the chemistry world. The students will have the chance to participate in several exciting chemistry experiments in a real chemistry lab.
By then end, students will concoct a gooey substance to take home as proof of their chemistry expertise! Please make sure your students wear closed-toed shoes and long pants if chemistry activity is chosen.

Students interested in the world of theatre will have the opportunity to discover the acting world on stage in MtA's own various types of theatres!
Students will learn group improv, familiarize themselves with theatre lingo and play theatre games to further their acting skills! Ever wanted to become as famous as your favourite movie star? Here's the place to start!

Fine Arts
This program will begin with a slideshow of several famous works of modern art.
We will be looking at different artistic movements including Pop Art, Abstract Impressionism, and Cubism. Students will then have a chance to make art of their own, based on the styles of art they have just seen. Get creative and unleash your inner Picasso!

Students will discover the different forces of nature through exciting hands-on physics experiments. Some topics include electricity, magnetism, heat, light, and waves. The students will come away with a greater understanding of what is happening in nature and the forces that we have to live with, and how we are directly affected as humans. Explore this mysterious and evoking side of science!

Special note:
Due to the unpredictable nature of faculty and staff schedules, certain activities may not be available on the dates chosen. Mount Allison University reserves the right to substitute an activity upon short notice, if required.