Explore / Mini Explore Testimonials


From the Teachers:

"This program was excellent.  It held children’s attention all the way through each activity.  It was extremely well organized and staff was friendly and helpful."

"The students felt it was fabulous.  One student told his mom it was the best thing he had ever done.  Many students raved to their parents.  Many want to come again"

" for me as a teacher I couldn’t get over how the sessions we attended fit with our curriculum – so many reinforcements or extensions of what we covered in class this year.  And the kids loved it, because much of the time they wouldn’t even realize that it was “academic.”"

 "I hope to make this a regular part of the Grade 8 year.  It is a wonderful experience as they leave our small school and begin to set personal goals at the much larger high school."

From the students:

"I learned a lot, like what liquid nitrogen does, how to use a GPS and lots of other things."

"Like everything about chemistry, which is super awesome, and about some musicians."

"University is fun."

"When I was in physics I learned that electricity works very well!  I had fun!"

My favorite part was "Being able to hang around in the dorms."