You’ll find answers below to some of the questions parents most often ask.

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My student is interested in attending Mount Allison, where can I find helpful information?
Visit our Admissions FAQ.

What type of student will thrive at Mount Allison?
Students who engage and demonstrate drive and passion toward their academics, involvement in the community, and have an interest in extracurriculars (creative and/or athletic). Mount Allison is a warm, close-knit, and encouraging academic setting.

What is residence like at Mount Allison?
Mount Allison is a residential campus where students live, learn, work, and play. About 85 per cent of first-year students live in residence. Read our residence profiles online for more information.

How does my student accept their offer of admission?
The offer of admission is considered accepted when you pay the $100 registration deposit. For information on how to pay fees, please visit (online banking is always a great option!). For all of your next-steps, please visit

What are the advantages of a liberal arts and sciences education?
A liberal arts and sciences education from Mount Allison will teach your student important skills that can help them thrive, both personally and professionally, in today's ever-changing world. They will gain critical thinking, communication, research, and problem solving skills — and that's just the beginning. Find out more about the liberal arts and sciences at Mount Allison.

What is the Discover MtA account?
This is the application account where your student can log in to check on their application status, upload supplemental items, register for events, or request more information about Mount Allison. Your student can visit to create their account and start their application!

How do I find my student's student ID number?
The student ID number will be e-mailed to the e-mail address the student used when applying to Mount Allison.

Should we visit campus?
YES! We have a wonderful campus visit program. Many students say they know immediately that this is the right place for them. That's why visiting campus is an important step when you are choosing a university.

Book your tour now: simply fill out the online campus visit booking form (you will receive a response within 48 hours)

One of our campus ambassadors will take you on a tour of campus, where you can talk to an admissions counsellor, attend a class, check out residence, enjoy a meal in our dining hall, and see all the University has to offer.

If you have any questions, contact our admissions team at

Financial aid

What is the difference between a scholarship and a bursary?
A scholarship is awarded based on merit (your transcript as well as your involvements) whereas a bursary is awarded based on financial need. Learn more at


What is the cost for the first term tuition and fees?
Student accounts are updated with first term fees owing in late August. Students have access to view their student account through Connect under the Financial information — account statement section.

What is the cost for the second term tuition and fees?
Student accounts are updated with second term fees owing in mid-December. Students have access to view their student account through Connect under the Financial information — account statement section.

What is the cost to attend Mount Allison for a full year?
View the full list of tuition and fees. The fall payment calculation template on the tuition and fees page is also useful in helping you calculate fees.

How can I pay fees?
Fees can be paid in a number of ways, including through your bank, by cheque, by cash or debit, and through bank transfer. Find out more about fee payment options.

How do students receive information about deposit or fee deadlines?
Students receive reminders by e-mail at their accounts.

Forms & inquiries

I need a confirmation of enrolment to prove my child is attending Mount Allison, how do I receive that?
Students can request and receive a confirmation of enrolment on their Connect account.

I need a form filled out — how do I request that?
Students can scan and e-mail to, fax to (506) 364-2272, or bring the form to the Registrar’s Office located at the Wallace McCain Student Centre to be completed.

I have some specific questions about my son/daughter’s student account, registration, etc. How do I access this information?
You need to have a release of information consent form filled out by your student giving us permission to speak with you on their behalf.