Jumping right in

Danielle Lenarcic BissWhen Danielle Lenarcic Biss transferred from the University of Toronto to Mount Allison University in 2011, she immediately immersed herself in the Mount A experience. While completing her psychology degree, she worked as a teaching assistant and a tutor, joined the Orientation Committee and the Department of Psychology Hiring Committee, and accepted a position as the president of an on-campus residence. Within two weeks of her 2014 graduation, she had a paid internship – working as a research, policy, and internal relations coordinator at Universities Canada. Now researcher at the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario.

On the student experience:

"There's no better degree for navigating this information age. We don't know what new jobs will look five to ten years from now, so I think the best preparation is being able to read well, write well, and understand."

"This degree is like getting into a regular gym routine where you need this professor and these courses to help you build mind muscle and prepare you for further work or study. You're learning from the past: what people have said; what people have written; what people have questioned; what people have done. All this helps you live better and reach your full potential."