Gaining a new perspective

Steven BlackWhen Steven Black enrolled in the international relations program at Mount Allison, he was looking for a degree he could build on, while also gaining some valuable life experience. He graduated in 2015 and now he's applying that knowledge and experience to a new career in the Canadian infantry.

On the student experience:

"When I was in Grade 12, I really wanted to be exposed to a lot of different disciplines. I knew what I wanted to major in but there were a lot of things outside of that that I wanted to explore, like philosophy. Philosophy is not something I majored in, but I wanted to still be able to delve into it and learn more about it."

"One of the most worthwhile things about being able to take so many different courses in so many different departments was learning to look at how they saw the world and its problems. Now I can say, 'I really like how sociology looks at this, and I really like the way economics thinks about that'. I don't just have a one-track mind."