Sharing the wealth (of knowledge)

Dr. Robert HawkesFor Dr. Robert Hawkes, a Bachelor of Science in physics from Mount Allison provided the empathy, intellectual rigour, and knowledge base needed to launch a long, successful academic career. After stacking a BEd on top of the physics degree he earned from Mount Allison in 1972, Hawkes evolved from student to professor, earning a PhD and teaching courses at Mount Allison until his retirement in 2014.

 On the student experience:

"There's a big sense of responsibility. You aren't just sitting in a lecture hall, you're to be actively and responsibly engaged in learning. That sense of responsibility is carried with me, not just in things I've done academically but in my volunteer work, in my family life, and in everything else."

"For me, the most important benefit of a liberal arts and sciences education is the intellectual rigour. It's really important to think about things and not just accept what you're told at face value. I'm increasingly concerned in a world where so many people make decisions on so little evidence."