Business of Science conference planningMount Allison's interdisciplinary approach

At Mount Allison, our approach to liberal arts and sciences allows you to gain a broad knowledge base through learning across disciplines while developing a deeper knowledge of specific academic disciplines through advanced study in your chosen major and minor.

Students have interdisciplinary opportunities in every degree and program allowing you the flexibility to combine your interests and meet your unique career goals.

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Expand your perspective

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts, Commerce, or Science will learn how to take an interdisciplinary approach to important issues by taking courses from outside their academic discipline through distribution requirements.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science
Students complete six credits (two courses) in each of four categories:

  • Arts – Canadian studies, drama, English, Fine Arts, languages, Music
  • Humanities – classics, history, philosophy, religious studies
  • Natural science – biology, biochemistry, computer science, environmental science, math, physics, psychology
  • Social world – economics, environmental studies, political science, sociology, women's and gender studies

Bachelor of Commerce
Students complete six credits (two courses) in each of two categories:

  • Arts and letters – drama, English, Fine Arts, art history, languages, Music
  • Humanities – Canadian studies, classics, history, philosophy, religious studies, women's and gender studies

Social Sciences classGain marketable skills

A liberal arts and sciences education at Mount Allison will:

  • develop your communications and critical thinking skills
  • expand your worldview and ability to understand complex issues
  • foster your ability to problem solve in creative ways
  • cultivate leadership and collaboration skills

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