Environmental Science at Mount AllisonDon't be afraid to ask for directions and then take the scenic route.

You might know exactly what you want to study or maybe you will take a little time to figure it out. That's the beauty of a liberal arts and science education — you can try everything (there are more than 40 programs), combine your interests in all kinds of interesting and surprising ways, and gain a broad knowledge base while you're at it.

Learn outside the classroom
You will have hands-on learning experiences outside the classroom that will solidify what you have learned and show you how you can take that into the real world. You will learn in small classrooms, on stages, on playing fields, in forests, on mountaintops, in labs, and everywhere in between. You will be supported by a close-knit community of people that love learning, just like you.

Prepare for a successful career
A liberal arts and science education doesn't just prepare you for a career — it prepares you for any career. It gets to the heart of what employers are looking for and what it takes to be successful — knowing how to learn, think, understand, adapt, problem solve, communicate, work with people, and tackle today's and tomorrow's challenges.

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We are a member of the Maple League of Universities, a group of four universities — Acadia, Bishop's, Mount Allison, and St. Francis Xavier — committed to the undergraduate experience. We share a unique style of learning — student-centred, hands-on, community-minded, supportive, and collaborative.

Small by design, Maple League universities offer opportunities to build one-on-one relationships with professors, connect with fellow students and the local communities in which we are located, and build a strong foundation for wherever life takes you. It all adds up to a university experience that's truly extraordinary.

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