Program - Psychology


Biopsychology is the scientific study of the brain and nervous system and how they influence behaviour.

Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Science
Program type: Certificate*

Degree options related to the field of biopsychology:

  • Biology ― BSc honours or major; Any degree, minor
  • Psychology ― BSc honours or major; BA honours or major; Any degree, minor
  • Cognitive Science ― BSc honours or major

The Certificate in Biopsychology at Mount Allison provides you with foundational knowledge about the physiological basis for behaviour. The certificate is interdisciplinary with students required to take courses in both biology and psychology, although there is some flexibility to allow you to focus more heavily on one of the two disciplines, should you choose to do so.

Course options in this program may include:

  • genetics and evolution
  • human physiology
  • animal behaviour
  • neurophysiology
  • sensation and perception
  • behavioural neuroscience

Find specific details in the academic calendar – Certificate in Biopsychology.


*Open to Mount Allison students in any program of study, certificates consist of a selection of courses worth 18 credits (6 courses) that are thematic in nature, comprised of available courses related to a theme. Certificates are taken during your Mount Allison degree, and must be combined with a major/degree program.  

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