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Canadian Public Policy (CPP) is an interdisciplinary program examining economic and social policy in Canada by combining studies in political science, economics, public management, and finance.
Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences
Degree options: BA major; Any degree, minor

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The Canadian Public Policy program at Mount Allison provides an adaptable and broad knowledge base for students interested in all levels of Canadian-based policy work, giving students a strong foundation in policy analysis and implementation.

Courses in the CPP program are drawn from established courses in economics, political science, and Commerce.

Topics of study include:

  • theories and processes of public policy-making
  • analysis of public policy fields like environment, health, and education
  • political leadership in Canada
  • Canadian federalism and intergovernmental relations
  • Social and legal issues and policies in regional, national, and international contexts
  • organizational behaviour, financial and management accounting
  • calculus and statistics
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