If you are applying to Mount Allison's Bachelor of Music program, you must complete a written Music entrance assessment.

The assessment is taken by all students wishing to register for our regular first-term course in music theory (MUSC 1101: Materials of Music I). This is a required course in our Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Arts (major or honours in Music) and minor in Music programs.

The Music entrance assessment is designed to help us assess your knowledge in music theory and aural musicianship skills. Success in the assessment is necessary for registration in Materials of Music I. If the assessment reveals your knowledge and skills to be weak, we may require you to take our preparatory course (MUSC 1001: Fundamentals of Music) before proceeding to Materials of Music I.

You should also keep in mind that competition for entrance to our Bachelor of Music program is keen. You should try to make a strong showing on the Music entrance assessment to support your application.

The Music entrance assessment is taken online. When you have received a Mount Allison e-mail address and password, we will register you to write the assessment and will send you instructions on the procedure for doing so.

Sample entrance assessment (pdf)