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Allison Sibley ('14)
Valley NS resident Allison Sibley’s love of physics drew her to Mount Allison, with great results.

The honours student recently attended the Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference in Hamilton, ON and received second place nationally in engineering/applied physics.

Sibley’s research tests stresses on copper and its deposition, which plays a key role in the manufacturing process for printed circuit boards used in widely in today’s technology. These kinds of tests can help determine how well circuit boards, and ultimately many of our electronic devices, work under stress. While there are tests for copper, the material many circuit boards are printed on is plastic. This led Sibley to develop plastic test strips identical to metal ones to test this stress on circuit board materials. She worked on this over the summer as part of her honours thesis.

It was a campus tour — with a stop in a physics lab — that convinced Sibley to come to Mount Allison. “I got to meet with Cathy Pettipas, the physics lab instructor, and professor Dr, Bob Hawkes, and see how physics was done at Mount Allison. It was the only school I applied to.”

She co-published a paper last summer with thesis advisor Dr. Ralf Brüning on her research and is currently working on another paper for submission. Sibley plans to pursue a master’s degree following graduation this spring.

Sibley is also a member of the physics society, a tutor, and involved in Let’s Talk Science. She also served as an off-campus councillor with the Mount Allison Students Union.