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Ariane Tye ('14)
Modern languages, literatures, and cultures student Ariane Tye received top prize from the Canadian Association of Hispanists.

Ariane Tye received top prize for her essay, written entirely in Spanish, from the Canadian Association of Hispanists (Associación Canadiense Hispanistas).

The work, ‘Lo real maravilloso en El reino de este mundo’ evaluates the application of a Latin American literary genre. The competition saw students submit work from across Canada.

“I really enjoy Latin American writing,” says Tye, a resident of the British Virgin Islands. “My essay focused on the work of a Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier, and his contributions to the area known as ‘marvelous reality.’ ”

Tye is taking classes in Spanish, German, and French, with a minor in anthropology. This past semester she attended Universidad de Extremadura, Cáceres, Spain, one of Mount Allison’s many exchange partnerships.

“I had a wonderful time on exchange. I would recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about it. The experience was great and I found it extremely useful in my linguistic studies,” she says.

Tye travelled to Belize the summer between her second and third year, working on an archeological program through the anthropology department.