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Bridget Arsenault ('08)
Bridget Arsenault writes about the Royals for Vanity Fair.

Bridget Arsenault has always wanted to be a writer. More specifically, she wanted to write for Vanity Fair — a pop culture, society, and current affairs magazine. And now, at the age of 26, she has been working in the U.K. office for three years.

“I never, ever forget how incredibly lucky I am,” she says. “Grow- ing up, working for Vanity Fair was my dream job, and I never imagined that it would actually come true.”

Arsenault moved to London the day after she graduated from Mount Allison to attend the creative writing program at the University of Oxford. She spent her summer in ’08 as an intern with Vanity Fair and then as a temp with other magazines in the Conde Nast building, home to 16 lifestyle publications. Near the end of her degree, a position became available at Vanity Fair.

Arsenault is now a sub-editor and writes for Royal Watch on She also writes about parties, events, arts, and society in London.