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Jiashu (Olivia) Fang ('07)
Jiashu (Olivia) Fang followed her heart to one of the world’s leading PR firms.

When Jiashu (Olivia) Fang graduated from Mount Allison at the age of 22, she was looking for total independence. After splitting her younger years between China, Canada, and the United States, she decided to return to China.

The day after she landed in Shanghai, she began working for a Canadian consulting firm. Several months later she was watching an English speech contest on television where one of the judges was talking about how language and communication play an important role in crisis management and building trust with people.

“I was immediately hooked,” she says. “His comments offered me a clue as to how my interest in philosophy and ideas could have value in a conventional society. I knew then that I was one step closer to finding my ideal job.”

Fang learned that the judge was the President of Ogilvy Public Relations, China and she wrote him an e-mail asking how to get an interview with him. To her surprise he wrote back within days. She has now been with Ogilvy PR for five years and is the national knowledge manager.