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Lindsay Hilton ('07)
Despite being born without full arms and legs growing up, Lindsay Hilton (’07) was treated just the same as her Allisonian siblings, Tim (’03) and Nikki (’00).

Hilton’s parents taught all their children that independence was important — a philosophy which Lindsay embraced as she accepted no obstacles in life and grew up as a regular kid in Halifax, NS — running, jumping, swimming — and even playing soccer, field hockey, and rugby (which she continued at university and still practices today).

Hilton works for Sport Nova Scotia as the Community Sport Development Officer (Fundy Region) and is also vice-president and a player with the Halifax Tars Rugby Club. She continues to have an impact on rugby programs everywhere, and in fact, the International Rugby Board recently honoured Hilton with the prestigious 2012 Spirit of Rugby Award which recognizes “those who through selfless action influence the lives of others, make significant contribution to their communities, and demonstrate the force for good that sport can be in all areas of the world.”

“By participating in sports I was able to develop instant friendships, support, and camaraderie all through my life. I loved my time at Mount Allison and had a wonderful experience over four great years,” says Hilton, a 2007 Commerce grad.